WTF is "alignment"?? - Dee Gautham



Alignment, or “flow” is a state of connected to the deep, deep power and energy that is inside you.

All of us have this deep power inside us–but it’s been trapped and caged by layers of society, the world telling us what is “safe” or not safe for us to do.

Ever have those moments where it feels like you can literally do ANYTHING in the world?

You are so lost and immersed in the task at hand. You lose track of time. You feel connected to something deeper inside you.

It literally feels like you could be limitless.

This is flow.

This is alignment.

This is your true, natural state, the “essence” of you, before the world has put expectations / limitations / barriers on you telling you what is “safe.”

If you want to succeed and succeed FAST…  from a place of total trust in yourself and NOT out of fear / scarcity / I’m not good enough…. it is KEY that you are acting from a place of “alignment.”

The thing is… most of us feel “aligned” for like 5 seconds of our day if that. Usually NOT EVEN that.

We start to feel “aligned,” we start to feel that something is true inside of us…. but then FEAR gets in the way.

Many women: We feel something so powerful inside us that we can’t explain it.

And it’s this FEAR MIND which is designed to protect us.

It doesn’t know what this feeling is. We aren’t USED to feeling so powerful.

It’s a VERY disconcerting feeling with the body to feel so powerful.

And so the FEAR MIND kicks into OVERDRIVE—It protects us! Tells us: What we feel PROBABLY isn’t real.

You aren’t really good enough for this

You couldn’t POSSIBLY do this

Who do you think you ARE?

What are people going to THINK of you?

You’re just “too much.”

This isn’t true, you’re just making this up

Well you can’t anyway because of what your mom / dad / grandma are going to think

You don’t really know this for sure though…

It helps us return back to our “NORMAL state” of homeostasis where we aren’t good enough / we are trying to prove ourselves / we are not worthy / we live in fear.

Isn’t it sad that that’s the homeostasis for most of us??

But the thing is— this power you feel inside you?

If you just put the FEAR mind aside for a second— You know it’s real.

You have always known.

You feel it inside you since you were born, that you were born for more than what you’re doing now.

And you feel it in those moments where you’re perfectly in “alignment” with what you know is true.

In order to succeed, in order to tap into that INNER power that you KNOW is inside you…. you need to release the chains you’ve put around it.

The chains of the FEAR mind.

And you need to practice “coming into alignment” more often.

What does this mean? Well quite simply what are some activities that give you this incredible, powerful, confident feeling:

For me it’s:

  • Daily journaling, where I create my reality
  • Daily meditation
  • Daily exercise
  • Being outside in the sun
  • Cooking
  • Writing
  • These activities make me feel powerful, confident, and free.

When I do them I feel connected to my higher purpose and I feel fully ‘ALIGNED’ with the power that I know is inside me.

Coming out of a place of ALIGNMENT, trust, and flow is the key to rapid success and how I was able to scale my business to 6 figures so fast, in just 8 months.

It was not from a place of “I’m not good enough” “I kinda suck” “I need to prove myself”…. it was “I trust myself deeply and have tapped into my energy.”

What are the things that bring YOU into alignment?

Look: at every level of success the FEAR MIND is going to trap you in. It’s a human mechanism designed to keep us safe from the unknown.

If you don’t learn how to come into alignment + master your fear mind now, early on… you’re going to stay trapped in forever.

The way to shift the FEAR MIND is with a two pronged approach:

(1) Do more things that connect you to TRUTH (the opposite of FEAR)

(2) Develop the mental skills (physical, mindset, personal growth) to shift the FEAR mind every time it comes up.

The reason my 1:1 entrepreneurship clients are so wildly successful in their income results…. is because they do it out of a place of constant trust in themselves, not from a place of fear / unworthiness/ needing to prove themselves.

They learn early on how to master the FEAR mind and not let it cage them in.




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