I hate this line.

And I hate this mentality.

When was the last time you were feeling nervous, unmotivated, or doubting yourself… and someone told you to “just do it”?

Ask for your promotion

Get on the sales calls

Promote yourself harder

Submit your resume

Quit the crappy job

Breakup with the guy

Say no to the toxic friend

“Omg! Just DO it!”

People say it with good intentions.

But you probably want to slap them right?


Forcing yourself to JUST DO IT works in the OPPOSITE way than you might think —

It actually magnifies your feelings of self-doubt, uncertainty, and hesitation about a task.


Because it forces you to face your fears head on, and use sheer willpower to plow through them…

Instead of actually learning the mental skills to understand + manage + shift your fears to become a more confident person.

Using willpower to “JUST DO IT” is really just a temporary, band-aid solution to your life —

You have not become more confident as a person.

You have not addressed your underlying self-doubt, your deep lack of self-confidence, and your complete lack of belief in your self.

You have not learned the skills to understand your emotions + mental state+ separate your emotions from your actions.

All you have done is shown that you have sheer willpower to plow through a situation.

But guess what?

You’re still going to face the SAME fears the next time you do something big, because of the underlying lack of confidence in yourself.

It’s kind of like fitness really —

You could either exert total willpower, strangle your way into submission with your goals to get skinnier…

Orrr you could actually learn the SKILLS to shape your body and control it so you have power over it and it doesn’t stress you out as much.

They both work in the end to get you to your goal, but one is going to set you up to sustain yourself and keep the results forever.

It’s the same with your mind + mental skills.

Next time you face a challenging situation, instead of forcing yourself to JUST DO IT, grit your teeth, and plow through it —

What you need to do instead is lean into the fear, the self-doubt, the insecurity, the lack of motivation.

Understand it.

Allow your body to feel it. Observe your physical response to this situation.

Ask yourself:

Why are you feeling this way?

What are you REALLY afraid of in this situation?

What is your limiting belief about this situation or your abilities right now?

Why do you think that? Is it true?

What do you need to shift about your beliefs about this to be true instead?


THIS is how you become more confident as a woman leader or entrepreneur.

Look: People can sniff out self doubt a mile away. If you don’t believe in yourself under it all, and are acting out of desperation / anxiousness / self-doubt under the hood… other people aren’t going to believe in you either.

Willpower is only get you so far.

At the end of the day you need really understand yourself, understand your limiting beliefs, and truly shift them on a cellular level to re-wire your mind for success.

You’ll find that even with fitness, feeling unmotivated often stems from underlying fears of ‘this isn’t going to work so what’s the point anyway’ or ‘I don’t believe that I can actually ever get abs anyway’ etc etc.

It’s not until you shift your underlying beliefs that you are going to see lasting success with your goals.

Once you understand yourself like this, the “fear mind” is just an annoying thing — it doesn’t paralyze you, it doesn’t keep coming back, and you understand exactly how to utilize it to your advantage.

Because really: If it was that easy to “JUST DO IT” you would have done it already wouldn’t you? 🙂

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