WHY I WILL NEVER FILTER MY CONTENT🚨 — (and the truth about what I’ve still been filtering)

I am brutally honest on social media. Sometimes more honest than some people can deal with. I HATE lying, I hate being fake, and I physically cannot do it without feeling like I’m going to vomit. Honestly, there is so much fake shit on social media that it burns my eyes to scroll through sometimes.

Things I’ve tried on social media that feel icky and fake to me include: posting stupid motivational quotes that just add to the fluff in your newsfeed. Collabs with brands I don’t love. Posting pics with ZERO value in the caption.


A few years ago when I was feeling like crap about my body, literally starving myself, over exercising, hating the way I looked in the mirror… when I had ZERO CLUE what to do in the gym and feeling lost and hopeless that I would NEVER be able to WEAR a crop top without stress…


Not a stupid fucking quote. It was seeing REAL PEOPLE who had struggled through the SAME issues and learning how THEY overcame them to be successful.

It was the same deal in the past when I was making a massive decision to quit my job, struggling to grow a business and make ends meet, and completely doubting myself. It was seeing REAL PEOPLE, and seeing the similar struggles they went through that motivated me and moved me forward to where I am today.

YES it is scary to talk about hard stuff like body struggles and relationship stuff. (It would be SO much easier if I just sold protein). But I refuse to lie and pretend life is rainbows & butterflies all the time. Many days are awesome but there are definitely days I want to binge eat ice cream and cry my eyeballs out. We are humans and we have emotions.

If I filter my content, you will be fooled into thinking that things are SO much easier for other people. You’re the ONLY one who is SUCH a failure and struggles this much with food aren’t you?!

Someone gave me feedback yesterday that I should FILTER my content MORE. And while I always appreciate feedback this comment actually got me THINKING —

WHERE ELSE have I been filtering myself? What ELSE have I been holding back on saying because I’m afraid of what people will think of me or judge me etc??

When in fact being more open and sharing my struggles + successes will actually HELP YOU, and show you the full extent of what you’re ACTUALLY EVEN CAPABLE OF this world? and what is EVEN POSSIBLE FOR YOU?

So instead of FILTERING MORE HERE IS A BIG THING that I would like to #UNFILTER

It’s talking about my success.

About how truly happy and fulfilled I am in ALL areas of my life.

I literally have all that I dreamed of ever having. I have a job that’s insanely rewarding, and impacts a ton of INCREDIBLE women, who truly are some of the most amazing leaders on the planet. I make good money while having complete freedom over my schedule and lifestyle. I have an amazing boyfriend. I am ridiculously proud of my body and I can wear what I’d like to wear without stress. I have a great relationship with food and can eat delicious food without guilt or shame.

I literally have it all and feel
so alive every day.

As women we are taught it’s BAD to talk about our success and how happy we are. We shouldn’t make other people jealous! People will feel bad! People will judge us or call us names! Etc.

Fuck that shit. If I don’t show you everything because I’m worried about being labeled as “too much” you will never even KNOW what YOU ARE CAPABLE OF in this world or how INCREDIBLE your life could be. If MY mentors had not shared their successes I would not be here today.

Look. Every SINGLE day I feel alive, connected, energized, fulfilled, confident, sexy, powerful, and strong… and literally turned on BY LIFE.

It is the most incredible feeling in the WORLD and I want every woman to feel this same way.

Because I KNOW what it’s like to feel the COMPLETE opposite: miserable about your body, in shitty relationships, feeling unfulfilled by your career, living an AWFUL, boring, uninspired life…

Wondering “is this really all I’m capable of?” and seriously limiting your MASSIVE potential in the world.

When instead you could be feeling:

>> 🔥, CONFIDENT, AND PROUD in your body.
>> FULFILLED in your relationship.
>> SUCCESSFUL in your career and all your ambitions.

The thing that MOST PEOPLE DO NOT UNDERSTAND is this —

***ALL SUCCESS IN LIFE STARTS WITH YOUR BODY and how you see yourself in the mirror.***

You think I would be traveling with my BF running a business working with the most incredible women ever if I still was ANXIOUS about my body and literally throwing up after eating? ……NO. That’s just not how this works.

If you are not 100% confident with yourself naked in the mirror, if you squish your rolls, panic, and constantly tell yourself your fat, if you still compare yourself to “her” and long for “her” body… well guess what girlfriend?

You will literally NEVER feel truly satisfied in ANY goal you achieve, because deep down you don’t even feel good enough in YOUR OWN BODY, your own house.

The reason most women don’t succeed? The reason you don’t feel confident enough in yourself to ask for a promotion you deserve? The reason you are putting up with shitty relationships?

Because you think it’s all you can get. You can’t even look at yourself in the mirror without cringing or seeing something wrong with yourself.

THIS is the entire reason I am so passionate about fitness coaching, because once you understand how to shape your BODY this can have such a ridiculous impact on your ENTIRE SUCCESS in LIFE.

And I want to show you how FULFILLED and ON FIRE your life can truly be.

I have been filtering a LOT around my struggles and path to success, motivation, career growth, relationships because I didn’t want to be labeled as “too much.” But honestly this is just hurting you to hold back from it all.

So from here on out I commit to #unfilteringabout my struggles and success in these areas IN ADDITION TO fitness.

So for now —

Let me know below if you’re ready for this #nextlevel of #unfiltering my content.

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