Ah, “fat days.”

I don’t love using this term so straight up, but I know this is what we often call it.

It’s a day where you feel… well… “heavier” than usual and crappy about yourself as a result.

You look in the mirror and everything just seems squishy, soft, and flabby.

Your stomach is bloated.

Your hips and thighs feel like they’re swollen water balloons.

Your boobs might feel heavy and puffy (not in a good way, but in a saggy, uncomfortable way).

Your jeans are tighter than usual… and dig into your waist all day, suffocating you completely.

You feel swollen, sluggish, slow…

and just OH SO… unsexy.

Maybe it’s around your time of the month.

Or maybe it’s during PMS.

Or maybe it’s after a big night of overeating, and your body is holding onto a lot of water.

Whatever the reason, days like these suck.

The worst part of “fat days” is how much they screw with your head —

When I had fat days in the past I would FREAK out

OMG I feel so fat today…

Why aren’t my pants fitting? They fit fine last week…

Why isn’t my diet working?

I distinctly remember sitting on my bed crying to my boyfriend one day in college because my jeans felt tight, I felt so “fat” that day, and I didn’t know what more I could to do about it.

I thought it was because I was eating too much, I wasn’t exercising enough, and I just needed to “push harder.”

*Cue eating disorders and other drastic measures…* But that is a story for another time.

I would try and reduce the “fat ” by pushing harder in the gym, dieting more… without realizing that this was just going to lead to even MORE water retention because of the added stress I was putting on my body!

On fat days, my “fat” was all I could think about. I would be obsessed with it, in a way —

I wouldn’t be able to focus on anything except how gross I felt that day.

I would change clothes a million times, unsuccessfully trying to find something that didn’t make me feel “fat.”

I could not enjoy social events with friends, because all I could think about was how my body looked and felt.

I was unable to feel good around my boyfriend because I just felt so squishy and jiggly everywhere.

I was unable to eat food because I was worried it was just going to make me “fatter.”

Yes, I know if you saw my “before” pictures you can tell that was never overweight or obese. I was always a “healthy” weight and by society’s definition “normal-looking.” But it was how I felt, and what was going through my mind, that prevented me from LIVING my life.


I am bringing this topic up today because I’m having probably the WORST “fat day” in the history of “fat days.”

For whatever reason my body decided to have the WORST period of my LIFE this week. I have no clue why — I think it’s because of long distance travel, different time zones, stress from family matters… But whatever it is, this is the crappiest my body has felt in a long long long time.

I have gained 6lbs of water weight in two days.
My digestion is backed up, making me feel bloated and heavy.
My normally firm legs, stomach, bum… all feel like massive, swollen, squishy puddles.

I am not joking friends: I literally thought I might be pregnant from all this water retention, and I was starting to get scared about this.

But for whatever reason… this time around my mindset is so DRASTICALLY different than in the past.

I am surprisingly not stressed out about it one bit…

I don’t feel like total shit… In fact I feel great mentally.

I am actually able to focus on my day and be productive as HECK this week (I’m working on SO MUCH INCREDIBLE stuff coming in August… Cannot WAIT to share with you guys)

I went on an awesome date with my boyfriend last night.

I’m wearing cute clothes and feel amazing today.


How did this change? HOW did I go from “Cannot do anything because I feel so fat” to “Well this kinda sucks but let’s get on with life?”




It really helps me to realize that you cannot gain large quantities of body fat overnight. In fact it’s nearly impossible to gain even ONE pound of body fat over night.

Conventional wisdom says it takes 3500 calories to make a pound of body fat — do you REALIZE how much food you would have to eat to gain a lb of body fat? Not to mention even if you somehow managed to eat this much food in one day, your body would not be able to digest it all, and would simply pass most of it out undigested.

The “heavy” feeling is simply water retention in your body that is being caused by either 1) Your period 2) High sodium foods or 3) Stress / lack of sleep. YOU DID NOT GAIN BODY FAT OVERNIGHT, I promise you this.

As a side note — this is why I think everyone should weigh themselves DAILY, to understand how their body responds to eating out, their period etc. You will be surprised at how much you learn about yourself when you weigh daily. You need to be able to see the TRENDS over time, and not get bogged down in day to day fluctuations.

I am NOT one of those people who says “screw the scale” — I think having a healthy, objective relationship with the scale is key for fat loss, and weighing yourself daily is CRITICAL to practice distancing your self worth from the scale.

Weighing daily actually caused me and many of my clients to develop a very healthy and objective relationship with the scale.

Every time you start to think about your body today, tell yourself:
This is just water weight.
This is going to flush out soon.
I did not gain body fat overnight.
I trust the process, and I trust that my plan is working! This is a normal fluctuation.

2. AVOID looking at fitness pages on social media. To be honest I stopped looking at most fitness pages a while ago, because I found they did more harm than good for me… I would constantly compare myself to other women (especially other bikini competitors), compare my abs to theirs, and then feel bad about myself. Especially on “heavy days,” scrolling social media endlessly this is going to make you feel crappy about your body and there’s no good way around it. So just avoid it for your own sanity. Read a book instead. Get some knowledge and do something productive with your time instead of wallowing.

3. If you can, try your hardest to avoid “real” pants. Stick to leggings, a dress, or stretchy-material pants. But wear something cute! Looking cute will make you feel good. Don’t sit around in sweat pants and baggy clothes all day, because you will continue to feel sluggish and gross. You do not need more reminders about how sluggish you feel today. Wear something comfortable but CUTE, because when you look good = you feel good (and vice versa). I like to also put makeup on.

4. DO NOT sit at home bored. You are likely just going to EAT if you do this, and then feel worse about yourself. Go outside, do something active, MOVE your body. Even if it’s just 30 minutes of cardio. It might not be the greatest workout of your life, but just do SOMETHING to get the blood flowing and feel alive.

5. Do something intellectual that involves focusing your mind on something else. Immerse yourself in a side project. Or do a DIY project. Or even watch a movie or TED talks. Just do SOMETHING that requires ATTENTION and FOCUS. This will divert your attention from your BODY to this task at hand. When you finish this task it will give you a sense of pride and accomplishment that you just did something awesome… and remind yourself that your worth comes in other ways than your body.

6. Drink LOTS of water. This will help with bloating and flush out excess water weight. You can read this post I did on IG about bloating for more tactical tips.

7. Don’t give up on your training and nutrition plan. I know that when you have a “fat day” it’s easy to feel like “nothing is working, I need a new plan.”… and then rush to the internet, Googling “what is the best workout plan / what is the best diet” etc etc etc.

But look: If you are on a training program or tracking your macros you must TRUST the process. Don’t let little blips mess with your head like this. TRUST the process, trust that this is going to take time, and KEEP GOING. STAY THE COURSE. Don’t let one “fat day” which is really just a “WATER weight day” make you feel like nothing is working and that you should just give up.

If you are not seeing results after two weeks of 100% consistency with a plan (we are talking zero results on the scale, OR in pictures, OR with clothes fitting) — THEN it might be time for a new plan. But not before that. And you won’t know this if you are constantly stressing out and flitting between programs!


Look gorgeous: These so-called “fat days” never go away.

You just get better at dealing with them, so they don’t bother you anymore and you can still live and love your life.

Our bodies do weird things — some days they retain a ton of water, some days they bloat, some days they look slim and slender.

Sometimes we can control it, sometimes we can’t.

The only thing we CAN control is: 1. Our MENTAL state, 2. Our training, and 3. Our nutrition.

Stay the course.

Live your life. Focus on your LIFE, your friends, and not SO much on your body.

And finally remember —

Fat is not a part of you. Fat is something you HAVE, not something you are.

Just like you have toe-nails, but you are not a toe-nail!

Fat is something fluid that can come and go with the right programs and mindset.


Send me a DM on Instagram with your thoughts if you read this. I would love to know how this has helped you!

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