Top 5 Fat Loss Mistakes - Revealed. - Dee Gautham

Have you been trying to get lean forever but nothing is working? Eating ‘clean’ but not seeing results? Feel like giving up because you’re so frustrated?🙅🏽‍♀️

Nutrition and fitness can be extremely confusing. Over the next 5 days I’ll be sharing the top 5 fat loss MISTAKES that I see women making when attempting fat loss that lead to yo yo ing and rebounding… and what to do instead to get leaner in a sustainable way. (These are the same tools I use to coach the women in the #BossBodyNutritionRevolution get lean, confident, and strong while transforming your relationship with food for good).

CHECK to see if you’re making any of these 5 mistakes 👇

❌MISTAKE #1: Cutting Calories Too Low…

Most women attempt weight loss by attempting to eat as little as possible: They slash carbs, go ultra low cal, starve themselves, etc. This rarely works long term—Maybe you can white knuckle things for a few days, but when nighttime falls, what happens? You come home stressed out/ exhausted / hungry one day … and can’t take it anymore. Cravings are through the roof, and you overeat. This causes weight gain, not weight loss.

👉👉 The reason you cannot sustain your diet is because you don’t have a sustainable diet.

The truth is, you do not want to be dieting on as few calories as possible. Excessive restriction is a sure fire recipe for binge eating/ overeating. Not to mention when your calories are too low, you lose both fat and muscle. No bueno.

You want to be eating the right amounts to shed fat and lose weight at a healthy rate, without extreme hunger or cravings.

How much is right for you? Everyone needs a different amount of food. I work with women who eat 1400 calories and clients who eat 2400 and lose weight. 👉If you’ve never done this before, I suggest tracking macros for 1-2 weeks to get a sense of portion sizes and what works for your body.

❌Mistake #2: You’re Ignoring The Real Reasons You’re Eating…

Have you ever stopped to think *why* you’re eating something? *Why* you might have overeaten, or *why* you can’t ever stick to your diet? (👉Hint: it’s NOT your willpower).

I remember in the days I was struggling with food and body, that I was obsessed with finding the ‘perfect diet.’

“I just need lower fat! If only my carbs were 5% lower then I’d lose weight! More protein!” I would obsessively Google things like, “What to Eat To Lose Weight?” “What do models eat?” (Lesssbereal most of us have googled this 😂)

The right nutrition is important for fat loss. Yes. But this is like 10% of the equation. 👉Most of the time when we overeat, it’s for emotional reasons that have nothing to do with willpower:

🍪Rewarding yourself (“I deserve it”)
🍪Social pressure (“I don’t want to make them feel bad”)
🍪Unconsciously using food to fill our emotional voids (connection, love)
🍪Numbing hard emotions
🍪Scarcity & fear (“I’m only around it once” / “Might as well load up”)

The vast majority of women spend WAY too much time obsessing over the perfect diet when they should be digging into the real reasons causing them to over-eat.

For lasting sustainable, weight loss, you need 3 things:

👉 A nutrition plan you can stick to that gets you results
👉 Consistency on this plan
👉 The skills to sustain your weight loss long term.

I’ll say this again: If you want to keep the weight off, you gotta learn how to EAT, not how to diet ☺️.

❌Mistake #3: Are You Eating More Than You Think?

The little things add up, fam. All these little things we don’t think about—generous splashes of oil, juices 🍹, handfuls of nuts 🥜, the #extra avocado 🥑 here and there… can easily pull you out of a deficit and may play a huge role in why you’re not seeing the results you want even though you eat “clean.”😬

Eating “clean” might make you feel amazing but is not a magic solution for fat loss unless you are in a calorie deficit.

I’m not saying you need to get obsessive about weighing every ounce of asparagus you eat. I’ve been there and this level of obsession is neither enjoyable nor required for the vast majority of people just looking to drop some fat and get leaner.

But, start building an awareness about what you’re eating. 🧠 .
If you’re never tracked nutrition I highly recommend doing so. I have everyone in my programs track nutrition for at least 2 weeks to learn what the right amount is for their body and fat loss goals.

Most women are seriously shocked by how much they’re eating, when they thought they weren’t eating much 😬. Most women don’t have major issues with their metabolism. They’re just eating way more than they thought.

❌Mistake #4: Too Much Cardio, Not Enough Weights🏃🏾‍♀️ 🏃🏾‍♀️

When I started my fitness journey my workouts looked something like:

👉 Hours of torture on the treadmill to “burn off” everything I ate.
👉 Tons of bodyweight circuits filled with burpees and other jumping moves I despised. (They said I would get a bikini body in the title; so I did them 🤷🏽‍♀️)
👉 Bootcamp style hiit classes utilizing low weights and high reps.

Now there is nothing wrong with circuit style training or group fitness classes. They can be a great workout (if done safely).

But (1) You cannot out train a poor diet, and (2), if you want to get stronger, look more toned, and get leaner you have to be pushing your muscles, so they grow.

AKA – strength training, with an emphasis on progressive overload.

Most classes or circuit training are way more heavy on the cardio than most women need for fat loss.

If you enjoy it, thats great. But oftentimes excess cardio just makes us hungrier 👉 then we eat more 👉 and don’t see the results you want. On top of this our body adapts to cardio; as you plateau you will have to add even more to continue seeing results.

The majority of women can get leaner with good ol’ strength training and the right nutrition.

Excessive burpees or endless cardio is not required.❌


👉There is no such thing as “toning” a muscle. Muscles wither grow or shrink, they do not “tone.” Achieving a toned aesthetic is the process of simultaneously building muscle (via strength training) and losing body fat (through NUTRITION) so the muscle shows.


👉 I feel you. That’s exactly why I made my *free dumbbell workout guide* for you. Click the link in my bio to download it!! These are super popular friendly dumbbell workouts to help you get stronger and leaner.💪


Does this sound familiar? 👉You start a new diet, are super motivated, go hard at the gym all week… but after two weeks you still aren’t seeing results. You get frustrated, demotivated, and then give up.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

I think it’s due a combination of:

👉 Unsustainable fitness programs (if you don’t enjoy it and can’t stick to for more than two weeks, this is a huge problem)

👉 Unrealistic expectations in the fitness industry (companies will sell you anything that makes you believe that fat loss is instant, which it’s not).

👉 Lack of trusting yourself (If you’ve struggled with consistency in the past, there might be a feeling of “what’s the point” causing you to give up early, because you’re worried about failing again).

Truth is, this ish takes tiiiiime. ⏰ ⏰

👉You didn’t get out of shape in 2 weeks.
👉You’re not going to get in shape in 2 weeks.

I would give it at least 2 weeks of consistency before you expect any results on the scale…

Your body takes time to adjust and adapt to a new routine. Weight loss in the first 2 weeks is often water weight loss. (And sometimes people might even gain water weight in the first few weeks, especially if they are strength training and muscle sore + swollen — but this flushes out after your body stabilizes).

After about 2 weeks for your body to adapt to a new food/exercise routine, and for fat loss results should start showing up.

But even then — it’s NOT going to be instant or linear!

Stay patient, stay consistent, and make sure that whatever you’re doing you actually enjoy and can stick to longggg termmm.

Are you interested in getting lean and healthy for life? 👉 This is exactly what we go over in the #BossBodyNutritionRevolution. The tactics + mindset to get lean and stay that way for good.

IF you’re ready to break free from your struggles with food and body… …And feel lean, strong, and confident in your skin…💕

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