Want to become hotter? 🔥 Richer? 💰 More successful? 🙌🏾

EVERYTHING in your life — your body, your relationships, your career — is a direct reflection of your own inner self-image and self worth.

Do you REALLY think you’re worth that promotion? If so, you’ll act that way: You’ll ask for it with confidence, and you’ll get it super easily.

Do you REALLY think you’re worth an awesome relationship? If so, you won’t tolerate f*ckboys and will only accept the man of your dreams.

Do you REALLY think you’re worth a hot body? You’ll take care of yourself! Eating clean and working out will come naturally for you, because you know you deserve to feel good (and you don’t accept anything else).

At some point in your life you were probably taught that you aren’t REALLY worth the things you desire.
>Maybe someone auntie called you chubby, and deep down it made you feel you weren’t really worth a hot body.
> Maybe some dude broke up with you made you feel like you didn’t deserve a great relationship.
> Maybe you got rejected from a job and it made you feel like you weren’t really worth a high salary.

These little things affect you more than you think.

For example: If you don’t really think you’re worth a hot body, you are going to slack off on your nutrition and workouts.

Deep down inside you always feel like a great body is something “other people have” but not something YOU can possibly have yourself, right?

So, today, ask yourself — What in your life has made you feel like you don’t deserve to feel amazing about yourself?

What can you choose to believe instead?

Once I realized all my shit that was REALLY holding me back from success and confidence (not feeling pretty growing up/ growing up brown in an all white town/ etc etc)…

….And once I re-wired it to realize that I deserved to ONLY feel amazing…

…THAT’S when confidence and #lookinggoodnaked became EASY. It became a natural part of who I am.

Remember: Your external life is a D I R E C T reflection of how you see yourself on the inside.

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