The delicate balance between HUSTLE and FLOW ✨ - Dee Gautham

One of the reasons Josh and I have a great partnership is because we balance each other’s energies: I bring the hustle, while he brings the flow.

I promise this relates to fat loss. Let me explain:


My tendency is to push, grind, work (hustle). His tendency is to allow things to be, to enjoy the experience, to take pleasure in life, to do his best, and trust the process (flow).

Some people call this masculine vs feminine energy. Or pushing vs. pulling energy.


If we’re going somewhere together, I fixate on the destination while enjoys smelling the roses along the way.

>> Which brings me to my point <<

To reach any long term, committed goal requires a delicate balance of hustle and flow. Pushing vs pulling. DO-ing the actions vs surrendering, trusting the process, accepting and adapting to circumstances, and taking pleasure in the experience.

>> With your fitness goals things are no different  <<

You obviously have to HUSTLE. Eat well, work out, hit your macros, make adjustments to break plateaus, learn about nutrition. Push yourself and do your best.

But you also have to let things FLOW

Learn how to truly listen to your body. Adapt to changing circumstances. Work WITH your body not against it. Feed your soul. Enjoy the experience. Trust the process. Trust yourself around FOOD.

Most people approach their weight loss or fitness journey with pure hustle: they try and beat their bodies into submission, go on restrictive diets, extreme hours in the gym. This pits themselves totally against their bodies in a land of shame and self hatred.

Pure hustle will only get you so far; it may get you short term results but it wont make you happy, you’ll constantly be in a state of panic, anxiety and fear.

To truly achieve lasting change with your body you want to balance the hustle and the flow.

Losing fat takes time; if you are miserable the whole time you will not stick to your programs, and fail.

To me this is what “#balance” really means.

Balance is not some bullshit of “I’m good during the week and eat like a madwoman on the weekends because Im so stressed”– balance is your whole way of being—with your body, your relationships, food, lifestyle—it’s learning to hustle, and do your best, but also let things flow and enjoy your way to success.

THIS ^ is the premise behind the Boss Body Nutrition Revolution.

This is my signature coaching program designed to help you get leaner, more confident, and transform your relationship with food for life.

Your fat loss journey really doesn’t have to be painful and miserable. It can be enjoyable and honestly fun 🙂

You will learn the ‘hustle’ pieces:

> Eat to shed body fat and get leaner, meal plan + meal prep effectively, understand the portion sizes for your body

> Workout in a way you enjoy that gets you results

> Stay accountable until these are lasting habits

But you’ll also learn the “flow” side of the house:

> Take pleasure in eating again

> Trust yourself around food.

> Stop stress, emotional, and binge eating

> Have a positive relationship with food

free of guilt and shame and actually feel good after eating

> Learn how to adapt to changing circumstances without falling off the wagon.

Hustle + FLOW together = Long term results and success.

If you are looking to:


Lose excess body fat


Get leaner and more confident in your clothes


Transform your relationship with food forever


Stop struggling with restrictive dieting, yo-yo-ing, the binge cycle, and actually learn about nutrition instead of Googling diet plans blindly…..

… Anddd you resonated with me, me vibe, and content ….

>> This program may be a good fit for you. <<

I firmly believe the word is a better place when women are not trapped in a battle between their bodies.

I hope you found this post helpful! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. 🙂



PS – This pic was from our trip to New Zealand last November when we got engaged. 🙂 Have you been to New Zealand before? Highly recommend.

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