SHOULD YOU WORKOUT ON YOUR PERIOD?? I get this Q very often in the DM. So here is my recommendation:
Short answer: Yes, at least try and do SOMETHING light. Working out can help alleviate cramps, improve your mood, and help reduce period bloat. Your goals don’t stop just because it’s your time of the month and it’s not going to help anything if you take a whole week off each month to sit at home wallowing in chocolate ice cream. So do at least something light even if it’s just walking around or light cardio. It’s going to feel much better.
Long answer: I know how uncomfortable your period can be. Especially if you have bad PMS. It can be particularly painful if you have PCOS, which is particularly common amongst Indian women. I personally get extreme migraines before my period and can often not workout at all.
So don’t kill yourself. Do whatever you can.
You will likely not NOT be able to push it 100% in the gym during your time of the month or during PMS week. The science behind this lies in the hormone progesterone. Progesterone has an inhibitory effect to testosterone which is responsible for muscle building and tendon strength. As progesterone surges during PMS our testosterone levels decrease so we feel less strength in the gym.
Add on the extra bloat you get from water weight during this time… it just SUCKS overall, and you feel like a giant whale 🐳 .
So my suggestions for you are:
1️⃣ Do the best you can to stay on your routine. Personally I can’t lift as heavy during my time of month and have to tone down my workouts but I do try.
2️⃣ Drink a ton of water (aim for 3L!) and stick to lower sodium foods. Sodium makes you retain water and drinking excess water will helps flush out some of the water weight and bloat
3️⃣ Remember that any weight increase at this time is due to water retention not fat. This is why I suggest if you weight yourself you do it DAILY (in the AM right after waking up and after using the bathroom) instead of once a week, so you can see the TREND over time instead of day to day water retention fluctuations like this!!

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