Should you “DITCH THE SCALE”?

Do you get anxious about the scale? Avoid it completely because it makes you feel like trash?
Ok, well let me ask you this:

If you wanted to get RICH, would you avoid your bank account?
If you wanted a promotion would you avoid your performance reviews??
If you wanted to get clearer SKIN would you avoid looking at your face??

The scale is no different! If you have an active goal of fat loss then you best believe the scale is going to be one of the best ways to track your progress and make SURE that your programs are working.

One of the MOST important things I’ve learned is how to have a HEALTHY relationship with the scale. Here are some of my tips for busting the anxiety:

DO NOT rely on the scale as your only data point. You MUST take progress pics and look at how your clothes fit. There are changes that show up in pics and not on the scale (i.e. you look more toned but weight change might not be drastic).

Weigh yourself DAILY! Yes you read that right. Measure daily and focus on the TREND over time NOT ON day to today water weight fluctuations which can run up to 5lbs based on what you ate, if you poo-ed, etc.

Measure in the MORNING, before eating / drinking, after using the bathroom. This is going to be most accurate — If you measure later in the day it’s going to go up because of the food you ate and be inaccurate.

Say something positive OUT LOUD about your body before stepping on the scale to prime your brain with positivity.

And lastly…
REMOVE EMOTION! Be as objective as possible. All it does is measure your relationship with gravity!Think about it like the weather report. You don’t get mad about the weather report do you? If the scale is fluctuating up, be honest — Why might it be happening? What can you do to change course?

BIG TIP: Mentally separate yourself from your body fat: Remind yourself that FAT is not part of your identity. It’s something you hAVE, and can get rid of. It’s not something you ARE.

AVOIDING YOUR WEIGHT GAIN isn’t going to make it go away! It’s just going to make it worse.

You will only really change what we you’re measuring and tracking.

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