Terror. Stress. Panic.

These are the emotions I used to wake up with every Monday.

I would wake up already stressed out, my entire body DREADING going to work.

I would obsessively check my emails, PANICKING that something had gone wrong in the world while I was asleep.

I would waste an HOUR commuting on a shitty, smelly train…

…and then walk through the entire day in a state of lethargy, waiting until 5pm hit and I could escape.

For me, “escaping” at that time meant working on my health coaching business on the side.

I KNEW I wanted to quit my job and go all-in with my business…

But the ONE THING stopping me?

Money. $$

Would I ACTUALLY make money doing this?

Most coaches I knew were struggling, or going broke.

I had a 6-figure salary in Silicon Valley with ALL the benefits (including tons of amazing free food). No WAY did I want to give that up!

My ONE requirement for doing fitness coaching full – time was this:

>> I will ONLY do this full time if I can MATCH or EXCEED my technology salary. <<

At the time, my salary was around $130K a year.

Most people might think this is impossible for a coach, especially in your first year.

But this is only because most coaches don’t know how to market and sell high ticket programs effectively.

They undervalue themselves, offer discounts, struggle to get clients… and have a very hard time financially.

If I was going to do this, I was NOT going to struggle financially.
I was done struggling at my job and DONE settling with my happiness.
I was unavailable for more struggle.

So what did I do?

I took everything I had in my bank account… And invested in my first business coach.

I mastered the art of high ticket sales, and learned how to sell myself effectively.

I put myself out there with CONFIDENCE.

I got a lot of rejections at first… But soon enough, I got my first high ticket client at $1500!

Bear in mind – This was with NO testimonials, NO logo, and NO WEBSITE.

Things only escalated from there.

The month I quit my job… I doubled my tech income.

I continued putting myself out there with confidence, running boot camps and courses that helped me thrive financially.

And now?

My Monday’s are f*cking amazing.

I wake up without my alarm, around 7AM and I don’t usually start working until 11 or 12.

I spend the entire morning on myself: Working out, journaling, making an awesome breakfast, checking in with my team…

And I spend the entire day ONLY doing things I am OBSESSED with and make me feel ALIVE.

Working with INCREDIBLE, ambitious women, being creative, helping other women make tons of money living their dream.

I don’t say this to brag. I say this to show you how AWESOME your life can be if you learn how to sell yourself better.

You CAN make money as a coach, creative, freelancer, or independent entrepreneur.
IF – and this is a BIG IF –

You learn how to sell yourself effectively + actually close sales in your business.

I know you have an INCREDIBLE gift Diana…

>> But you struggle to promote yourself with confidence.
>> Struggle to handle objections, and instead let money slip through the cracks.
>> Struggle to close high ticket sales like the confident boss lady you are.

So, really..

It’s time to cut this B.S. and live the life you’re meant to have.

With the right skills, you too can hit $10-$20K month mark in your business and create an incredible life you are OBSESSED with.

If you’re ready to become wealthy, fulfilled, and free…



This is THE program for entrepreneurs who want to CLOSE high ticket sales and build your 6+ Figure empire FAST.

5 Weeks with me and a group of incredible 1% women to:
💎 Learn the exact psychology of high ticket sales
💎 Learn how to handle objections + get people throwing their credit cards at you.
💎Get real, LIVE practice, to perfect your skills
💎Full support and access to me to help you close high ticket packages.
💎 LIFETIME Access to all course materials.


WEEK 1: Make your first $100K: Get crystal clear on your packages + Learn WHY people buy & the psychology of selling
If you want to close sales effectively, you MUST understand the psychology behind selling. You’re going to learn EXACTLY why people buy, how to convince and persuade like a master WITHOUT being pushy or aggressive, and how to get your prospect excited to buy from you.

WEEK 2: The art of the close: The wealthy woman closing method
You’re going to learn the exact, step-by-step sales scripts YOU can use to crush sales like a professional.
You will also learn how to MASTER your mindset to unblock all your fears or sabotaging beliefs around selling, to ask for money confidently with deep power:
(NOTE Developing this deep power and confidence is THE secret ingredient that most sales courses don’t teach you, and one of the big reasons I was able to scale so quickly).

WEEK 3: How to crush objections so they don’t crush you
Your price is too high / Now is not good time / I’m too busy: You’ll learn exactly how to handle (and pre-empty) sales objections so that you never have to deal with them again and can close your ideal clients with ease.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could ATTRACT qualified leads to you, instead of constantly having to cold call or message random strangers?
In this module you are going to learn EXACTLY how to position yourself in the market to attract highly qualified leads TO you, pre-handle all their objections, and get them to hand over their money easily to you.

WEEK 5: Six-Figure Copywriting SECRETS
We are going to go deeper in your buyer’s psychology and learn how to write powerful, effective words that captivate your ideal customer, persuade them to purchase, and get them throwing their credit cards at you.
Whether you sell via email, social media, Facebook ads–you will learn how to write effective content that turns into CASH.

This program will BLOW your MIND and change your LIFE.

Message me ASAP if you want more details.

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