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When women work with me, they have a wide range of goals:

Lose fat. Tone up. Gain strength. Heal your relationship with food. Improve your body image.

My coaching philosophy has changed a LOT since I started coaching 1.5 years ago – so I want to lay it out here.


✓ You feel *confident* in your body.

✓ You feel good about your body’s appearance and capabilities.

✓ Your body image does not prevent you from enjoying your life in ANY way.

✓ Your thoughts about food do not prevent you from enjoying your life in ANY way.

✓ You have learned how to connect with your body, eat based on its INTERNAL cues, in a way that makes your body and mind feel best.

✓ You have dropped the fear, guilt, and shame associated with food.

✓ You trust yourself around food.

✓ You exercise in a way that makes your body feel good, and prioritize how you feel above all else.

✓ You understand the basics of fitness and nutrition and how to eat + train in a way that makes your body feel the best.

✓ By following your innate hunger cues, your weight reaches a range at which your body FEELS best.

✓ This is a weight you can maintain without dieting, or restriction.You embrace your natural body shape, and make that FEEL the best it can FEEL.

The “end goal” is not a certain size, shape, look, or aesthetic. The end goal is a combination of these things above!



I promote zero restriction, dieting, or long-term macro tracking. I teach you how to eat intuitively and reach food freedom only.

The ultimate state you will be at after working together, is that you can eat intuitively and reach total freedom from food in a body you can maintain without food restriction.

Intuitive eating is a way of eating that has nothing to do with diets, meal plans, discipline or willpower. It’s about getting back to your roots, listening to your hunger cues, and learning to trust your body again.It puts you in charge of your body, rather than someone else’s rules.

It teaches you how to trust yourself, connect with your body, and prioritize how you feel above all else.

We are all born natural intuitive eaters. Have you ever seen a toddler eat? They know what to eat and know when to stop. We have built-in cues that tell us when to stop eating when we’re full.

Problem is, as adults our appetite cues get SO over-riden by ‘rules,’ regulations, and judgement. We learn to finish everything on our plate. We learn that dessert is a reward, or can be taken away if we misbehave. We are told that certain foods are good for us and others are bad – causing us to feel good about ourselves when we eat certain foods and guilty when we eat others.

On top of that, excessive dieting further disconnects us from our internal hunger cues and says that food is something we have to fear.

And it has been proven time and time again that diets do. not. work. They only lead to weight yo-yo-ing, an unhealthy relationship with food, and binge-eating.

While you might think it’s easier to just ‘follow a meal plan’ or ‘track macros forever’ – this is just a temporary safety net and indicates a deeper inability to trust yourself around food.

Note: Intuitive eating is not a ‘free for all’ excuse to eat. It’s about prioritizing how you feel. Do you think you’re going to feel food if you eat pizza all day? No. You’ll feel best by eating balanced meals

WHAT ABOUT MY WEIGHT? –> When you stop dieting and re-connect back to your innate hunger and appetite cues.. your body will reach a weight range where it can stably maintain where you FEEL best. This will be a healthy weight you can MAINTAIN without food obsession.

WHAT ABOUT MACROS? –> Flexible dieting, or tracking macros can be a really good way to learn about nutrition, and I’ll still use it for coaching! Just not long-term.

I know that everyone is starting at different place with nutrition. It can be hard to jump right into intuitive eating – particularly if you have been disconnected from your hunger cues for some time or don’t have an understanding of nutrition.

You will learn ALL the basics of nutrition so you can make informed food choices and learn how to choose nutrient-dense foods for your body based on what you ENJOY eating, what you currently eat, traveling, and more.

I may teach you how to temporarily track macros so you learn about nutrition, but tracking will be temporary and should never overpower your internal cues.

Make sense?



Instagram has popularized ONE specific body type: X shape for girls, V shape for guys.

But honestly? Trying to make all our bodies look the same is like saying everyone needs to be a doctor in order to be successful.

It’s a ridiculous concept and makes NO sense.

The human body comes in SO many diverse shapes and sizes. Even if we all did the EXACT same workouts and diets we would still look different.

When I was bodybuilding, my entire purpose of life was to make my body look like an X and conform to a norm. I sacrificed countless social events, countless family gatherings… Just to pummel my body into an hourglass shape.

Truth is? My natural body shape is not an X. I have boobs. I have large quads. I have curves. Even thought I was able to pummel my body into that shape temporarily, that shape was not something I could maintain long-term without obsessing over food or sacrificing the quality of my life.

​>> If you’re ‘goal aesthetic’ requires that you diet / track / obsess about food to maintain it… It’s not a healthy weight for your body to be at, because mentally you are trapped. <<

True confidence in your body does not come not from making your body conform to a norm, but from being OK with your natural body shape which may be out of the norm – and making that FEEL the best it can feel.

Body confidence comes from accepting that your natural body shape MIGHT NOT be an hourglass, and that’s perfectly OK, because it’s what makes you unique – just like your career aspirations, thoughts, and feelings.

When you learn to listen to your body and connect to your internal hunger cues, your weight will stabilize to a range where you FEEL best at physically, have the most energy, and feel the most ‘you.’

It’s the weight that you can naturally reach when you eat intuitively, and the look you can MAINTAIN without obsessing about food.



That being said – I am not completely against aesthetic goals. I think there is value in setting a goal and working hard to reach it. It can be extremely rewarding to visually see your muscles getting stronger and observe new strength and definition on your body!

What I AM against is:

❌ Obsessing over your aesthetics, and letting that be the focus point of your self worth.

❌Manipulating your body past a point that it can maintain without food restriction.

❌Overriding your body’s internal cues for the sake of aesthetics.

❌Obsessing over macros instead of listening to your internal cues.

❌Sacrificing the quality of your life for the sake of aesthetics.

❌Trying to conform and pummel your body into something it’s not, just for the sake of aesthetics.

❌Pushing past your set-point weight range, just for the sake of aesthetics.

❌Chasing an aesthetic because you hate your body and feel an aesthetic goal will solve all your problems.

Most women think fat loss and a toned body will solve all their confidence issues. This is simply not true. It will just hide your deeper issues, and you will further re-enforce the idea that your self worth lies in your body and you cannot trust yourself around food.

Also – If you focus only on aesthetic changes with a bad relationship with food, what’s going to happen? You might drop some a few lbs, but then you will live in constant terror that you’re going to gain it back.

You are unable to enjoy being in your body, because you are constantly worried about food.

And that’s not freedom.

Personally, I belive “hot” is an energy that you radiate when you are in full alignment with yourself. When you FEEL good about yourself in ALL sense of the word. Physically. mentally, Professionally. Emotionally. Spiritually.

You cannot radiate “hottness” if you are trying to squeeze yourself into someone else’s norm, living in a state of deprivation, denying yourself pleasure, living in fear of food (the one thing that gives you life and nourishment).

I have helped a lot of women reach aesthetic goals including fat loss, tone, and strength gains. (You can see our results here!) But, it’s important to prioritize how you FEEL above all else, and focus on making your OWN body feel the best it can feel.

And PS: Healing your relationship with food is a DIFFERENT GOAL than aesthetic changes. Sometimes you may need to prioritize one over the other. That’s OK. Aesthetic goals will be much easier to execute when you have a good relationship with food and your body.

You feel me??



My goal as a coach is to help bring out your body’s own internal wisdom around what it should eat and how it should move to FEEL best –

To learn how to connect to yourself again.
To learn how to trust yourself around food again.
To put YOUR needs, values, and priorities first above what someone says you “should” do.
To help you enjoy your life, without food, exercise, or thoughts about your body getting in the way.

I will give you guidance, support, motivation, and education.

But at the end of the day? You have everything you need inside of you to feel the best version of you. I just help you bring it out.​ <3 

Can you resonate with any of this? Tell me below!

Thank you for reading! Bring it, 2019!

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