Judgmental thinking that is EXACTLY what’s blocking you from your next level - Dee Gautham

“I f*cking hate her.”

“Her boobs / hair / butt looks so fake.”
“She’s way too skinny.”
“She must have rich parents.”
“She must have a rich husband.”
“She’s not even that smart. I don’t know how she possibly could have gotten that herself.”
“She’s way too loud and showy.”
“She just parades around her wealth / body.”
“I can’t believe she posted that picture.”
“Her clothes are way too revealing.”
“She needs to shut up and promote herself less.”
“She’s not really that good anyway, she doesn’t deserve it.”

How many of you secretly think this about other successful women?

Lets be real: WE ALL SAY shit like this, especially when we gossip with our friends.

I know I definitely used to.

Here’s the truth no one wants to admit:

🚨If you hate someone like this it is a clear sign you hate a part of yourself 🚨
They TRIGGER something within you that makes you feel ashamed or inadequate.

Shame is a hard emotion to deal with… so we avoid it by judging other people.

For example, when I was younger:

Seeing fit, pretty women used to trigger my own body insecurities 👉 So I would say mean things about them.

Seeing other wealthy females used to trigger my OWN scarcity / lack / fear mindset 👉 So I would make assumptions about how they got there to make me feel better.

It’s never about them. It’s always about you.

When you judge others all the time… it makes you afraid of rising up because you don’t want to be judged yourself, threaten others, or make them jealous.

So subconsciously you hold yourself back/ self sabotage.

If you want to rise to your next level…
Income. Body. Happiness.
Stop judging others who have what you want.
Stop judging other women who put themselves out there.
Stop pretending like you are a victim.

Practice FULLY accepting other people for who they are + fully accepting yourself.
You will be surprised by how much you can accomplish when you do this.

This week, EVERY TIME you CATCH yourself thinking a judgmental thought about another woman, PUNCH THAT THOUGHT IN THE ASS and accept that person.

Who is with me?

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