Most of you know that I’m going through big shifts professionally.

Growing and scaling a business so rapidly in just a few months has taught me some mega skills around what it takes to play at the next level of your life as a female leader or entrepreneur.

I have not share this part of me much on social media since it was not fitness related content—

>> But in the last 6 months there have literally been days I have literally been PARALYZED from doing ANYTHING because of fear, self doubt, and insecurity.<<

Fear of promoting myself / Fear of looking dumb / Fear of what people thought of me / Fear of failing / Fear of rejection / Fear of not being good enough / Fear of being TOO MUCH.

The list is ENDLESS and I know every SINGLE female leader faces these same fears and anxiety, especially as you rise up the ladder of success.

If you’re here in my community it’s because you are a high achieving female leader—in your career, in your life, in nearly everything you do.

I know that most of you have what it takes to play at your next level of success— (Whatever that looks like for you).

>> Make a bigger impact in the world
>> Make more money in your career or biz
>> To show up as an unstoppable, powerful, confident leader, and influence hordes of others with your gifts

But you’re not, are you? >> You’re stalling, waiting until the stars align, settling, and procrastinating on the impact you could have.

>> You’re crashing into pits of self-doubt, insecurity, and self-sabotaging RIGHT when you’re about to achieve your goals <<

Look: FEAR can take many forms in life. Maybe for you it’s showing up as:

>> Procrastination
>> Not promoting yourself / #AskingForIt / Selling yourself with confidence or leading with confidence
>> Lack of motivation (maybe even with fitness)
>> Imposter syndrome
>> Perfectionism
>> Self Sabotage
>> Binging / escaping with food

Yup, these are all forms of FEAR of something deeper.

I know this because this was happening to me—

Instead of sharing my gifts with the world and making the income + impact i was born to make—

>> I would spend my time endlessly scrolling social media comparing myself to others.
>> Tweaking my website / resume for hours trying to be “perfect” but never showing it to anyone.
>> Self-sabotaging, spending hours in bed instead of putting myself out there.

This lack of action was causing me to be BROKE. Anxious. Stressed out! NOT able to live the “dream life” I had imagined for myself.

I started to get ANGRY at myself—


If I didn’t have this pesky, annoying, THING called FEAR I could be SO successful in my life.


What IS it? WHY do I FEEL it? How can I shift it? Can I just REMOVE it already?

Managing FEAR is deep-rooted in our biology and psychology as humans.

In the last 6 months I learned everything I possibly could about FEAR, self-doubt, and insecurity to unblock my own mind.

(Again, not really something I shared on instagram because it thought it had nothing to do with fitness).

I invested thousands in coaches to help guide me, I studied the psychology of fear, and I pored over dozens of books related to FEAR, to understand myself better–

After months… I finally developed the exact mental toolbox to MANAGE MY FEAR MIND so that it didn’t manage ME.

Once I got out of my own way… my income, impact, CONFIDENCE soared.

>> I scaled my fitness business to 6-figures in 8 months. <<

(Most of that was profit since I’m the only employee).

This was with ZERO facebook ads or sleazy marketing tactics:

Just by showing the hell up, getting over my insecurities, and being HONEST with how I help transform women’s lives.

Most people can tell that the business results I have achieved are NOT “normal” results, ESPECIALLY in the fitness space.

And they really would not be possible if I had not learned to manage my own fear mind, stop the self sabotage, and actually help people.


I KNEW I HAD TO SHARE what I learned with other women leaders and entrepreneurs—

>> Because managing fear is THE SINGLE MOST USEFUL SKILL that a female leader can MASTER in this world, if you want to rise to your next level of impact, income, and influence <<

You are the kind of woman who can have MASSIVE influence in the world, make a ton of money, and be truly powerful in your life…

IF you JUST learn how to get out of your own way, stop self-sabotaging, and manage the FEAR mind.

>> FEAR never goes away. At every level of success you’re going to face BIGGER and BIGGER fears that come up.<<

If you want to be truly unstoppable as a female leader… you gotta learn how to manage your mind so you can keep rising up.

Managing FEAR does not have to be hard— 

Most motivation articles tell you to JUST DO IT— but as you realized in my recent blogpost, JUST DO IT is a cop out.

It tells you to use willpower to plow through a fear instead of understanding how your mind works.

The second you understand how your mind works and how to shift your fear = You can unblock yourself to be LIMITLESS in the world…

You have the skills, but the mind is blocking you.

For this reason, I am introducing a new line of my business to be FEAR MASTERY & SUCCESS COACHING, specifically for female leaders & entrepreneurs.

This is going to draw upon psychology, biology, and human motivation.

So that you can:

>> Stop self-sabotaging yourself
>> Stop letting yourself settle with what you truly know you’re capable of as a leader
>> Stop feeling stuck, broke, and anxious about money.

And actually:
>> Show up more powerfully as a LEADER in your career.
>> Influence the world in a bigger way.
>> Make more money in your life / career / biz.

What about fitness?! —> YES! Again, fitness is very near and dear to my heart..

If you don’t feel confident in your body or have a poor relationship with food you can never live up to your fullest potential in the world.

THIS is why I created the LGN Training Club, to teach you all the tactical and mindset to help you SHED FAT and tone up the healthy way.

If you need the fitness PROGRAMS or want to learn how to EAT to shed fat without restricting —> Join this EPIC community.

I still absolutely love fitness and will still be doing LIVE coaching sessions in there to help you feel incredible in your body. The price is going up in 3 days so if you’re thinking about joining, do it now.

For those of you who are LEADERS at work or fellow entrepreneurs —>

I will be running a FEAR MASTERY program called CONQUER in a few weeks to teach you to master your fear mind and DRAMATICALLY increase your income + influence in the world.

If you’re struggling to promote / sell yourself, struggling to show up as the powerful leader you know you are, struggling to make the income you desire in your career or business— This program is for you.

I will be announcing it officially in a few days, but if you read this far and are interested, message me now for the details and an early bird discount 

This program is going to change your life and get you some crazy results.


—> As I am changing expanding the mission of my business, I’m also officially changing the name of my FREE Facebook Coaching group to THE LIMITLESS LEADER—

Because really that is my mission— to remove your own mental barriers (fears, as well as body image) so that you can be LIMITLESS

I know some of you might not vibe with this change in my direction —> That’s really ok. Open invite to leave. I won’t be offended

If you’re here to stay and rise to your unlimited potential as a leader —> Let’s do it 

I’ll be doing a bigger livestream on this soon—I wanted to write out this official announcement here so y’all have a preview  


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