How to stop self-sabotaging - Dee Gautham


Do you ever find yourself within 5% of your goal…. and then you go mess it up?

You’re SO close to where you want to be you can practically taste it. Or maybe you’re even there already.

But then…

You start to slack off

You start to feel “unmotivated”

You start to avoid the work.

You self sabotage, regressing RIGHT back to where you were before.

I’ve self sabotaged a LOT of things—

My body. My business. My relationships.

I look around and see it happening to most women, especially other entrepreneurs with your business.

WHY do we do this?

>> Self sabotage is a natural human protection mechanism <<

We all have a “thermometer” in our brains for what is the “normal” state of things // how we see ourselves–with our body, our relationships, money.

This is our safe zone and what we know keeps us safe so far. It’s our self-image.

Every time you venture out of it (ESPECIALLY if you succeed RAPIDLY)–the thermometer goes up.

Our human tendency is to regulate back to safety. So if your external world doesn’t align with how you see yourself inside… You have to bring it down. Because the success is unknown = it’s unsafe.

This is why 70% of lottery winners go bankrupt within 5 years: They get a ton of money quickly but don’t see themselves as a rich person inside. They still see themselves as poor and broke, so they pull them selves back down to how they see themselves inside.

Their INNER world doesn’t match their OUTER world.

To stop self sabotaging for good you have to actively re-set the thermometer to what is your “normal” for you. With your thoughts, beliefs, actions, and who you surround yourself with.

It’s a daily practice.

It’s not hard, but most entrepreneurs are simply unwilling do the work for this so will be stuck in the self-sabotaging cycle forever.



Obviously this is a MUCH bigger topic that we go into during coaching together, but here are some tips for you:

1)  Understand WHY it’s happening: What are your FEARS associated with this level of success?

  • What makes you feel like you might not be worthy or deserving of this success?
  • What fears do you have with this level of success?
  • What self-doubts, hesitations, etc do you have with this level of success?
  • Why might your brain and body feel like it’s unsafe or disconcerting for you to have this level of success?


  • What are the thoughts, beliefs, actions, that you need to have to maintain this level of success? Practice these DAILY.
  • Why is it actually very safe (and required) that you maintain this level of success?
  • Where are you NOT acting like your higher level self and still acting like your LOWER self // the OLD version of you? (for example maybe you’re avoiding managing your money, which is not what your higher self would do)
  • COMMUNITY: IS CRUCIAL: If you want to increase your thermometer you MUST be surrounding yourself with fellow entrepreneurs who are at your level OR ABOVE. This will help re-align your NORMAL state for yourself.
  • PRACTICE: Re-setting your thermometer is not hard but it DOES require daily practice and shifting of your fundamental beliefs which have been wired in you from a young age. Daily journaling and self-awareness is key.

Understanding your MIND + Mastering FEAR is the KEY to being successful RAPIDLY as an entrepreneur. 

Doesn’t matter how much strategy or skills you know. If you self-sabotage it and can’t manage your mind, it doesn’t matter 🙂

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What you’re going through is normal. Self sabotage is normal. But if you don’t learn the mental skills to address it, you’re going to stay stuck in this cycle forever and never grow to the massive success + impact you KNOW you could have.

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