What to do when you OVER INDULGE // Exactly how to get back on track and MINIMIZE fat gain —

You’ve heard it before —
“One meal won’t make a big difference!“ “Just get back on track!”

But I know it’s not that easy ⚠️

Because after a big night of over drinking and booze…. you wake up in this anxious, panicked state, where it feels like you’ve suddenly gained 10lbs overnight and reversed ALL the progress you’ve made in the week. Everything you wear feels tight and awkward, and it‘s a constant reminder of how you’re bloated and failed, making you feel lethargic, guilty, and ashamed at yourself.

You physically cannot think straight when you’re in this heightened emotional state. You cannot “just get back to your routine.”

You panic.

Run to the gym to “burn it off.” An hour or so on the treadmill. Skip breakfast. Eat zero carbs that day.

Logically you know it might be a little extreme, but whatever, it’s just one day right? And you need to reverse all the damage you did last night.

(And in a way doesn’t it kind of feel good? Like punishment is what you deserve for messing up so hard)

Girlfriend I know how you feel. Trrrrrust me. I did this shit for years.

And let me tell you this: This type of overcompensatory behavior makes you GAIN FAT ⚠️ not lose it.

Because what happens when you do a ton of cardio and skip meals?? 👉🏽Your blood sugar goes WHACK, your metabolism slows down, and you get super hungry. You get MAJOR cravings, causing you to binge or overeat again.

👉🏽Aka: You GAIN fat, not lose it.

If you really want to minimize fat gain after a big night out —

DO your best to calm the heck down and put things in perspective. Our bodies are GREAT at regulating themselves and it’s nearly impossible to gain even one lb of fat overnight. Most of the heavy bloat feeling is due to water retention from a salty meal, it’s not body fat. Repeat: “I am retaining water which will flush out soon.” Meditate, drink tea, or do something to calm your stress.

DO: Distance yourself mentally from your body fat. Repeat: “I have fat” not “I am fat.” Fat is something fluid that you can gain and lose, if you have the right training and nutrition. It’s not part of your identity. Remember how freaking awesome you are!!

DON’T wear your tightest skinny jeans today. This will make you miserable. Wear clothes that actually FIT and make you feel GOOD, even if it means a larger size that day. (Even though you messed up you’re still allowed to feel good OK? Be nice to yourself).

DO: Drink a ton of water to flush out the bloat. (Go read my previous post on bloating).

DO: Eat regular meals & get in a solid workout if you want to — ideally strength-based to take advantage of all the energy to make some #gains. Don’t go overboard, and remember excess cardio will just make you hungrier.
***And lastly A NON-NEGOTIABLE — ***

You MUST take a few minutes to reflect on why you overate. Especially if this keeps happening to you each weekend.

It’s not your “willpower.” Get to the root of the issue —

99% of the time you overeat because you’re not eating properly during the day, so when you show up to the meal you go crazy because your body is deprived of certain things.

Whatever the reason, figure out WHY this keeps happening, and don’t make the same mistakes on repeat each weekend⚠️

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