What does it means to find your “passion”?

Here are some warning signs you are doing a job that is NOT your passion:

  • You wake up every day filled with anxiety about the looming demands of the day ahead
  • You dread going to work
  • You count down the days until Friday
  • You escape from work / life with alcohol
  • You numb your brain at work by scrolling social media for hours, avoiding important tasks
  • You feel trapped
  • You feel fear daily
  • You come home exhausted, drained, and cranky
  • Your job makes you want to binge eat or escape
  • You feel underpaid / undervalued / under-respected
  • You’re not growing as a human
  • You’re not learning
  • You don’t feel like you’re contributing to the world.

This was me for many years, before I started my business.

Signs you HAVE FOUND your passion:

  • You wake up every day so damn excited for the day ahead
  • You actually enjoy your work, and find yourself getting lost in it, in total “flow state”
  • You feel like you’re growing, challenging, and stimulated EVERY day
  • You feel connected to something greater than you EVERY day
  • Usually, you get paid well for it because you feel so DEEPLY in your heart what you’re worth and can convey that to others in a way that makes them as excited as you are
  • But even if you weren’t paid for it you would still show up and share your gift with the world because you feel like it’s your DUTY and mission.
  • You feel ALIVE every day
  • You feel turned on
  • You have amazing sex & relationships, because you’re so fulfilled and happy

Obviously not everyone has the opportunity to do something they are truly passionate about.

Some people have visa situations that make them have to do STEM fields.

Others have financial situations which force them to take a crappy job they hate just to pay the bills.

But here’s the thing: Don’t let that be an excuse for not fulfilling your purpose in the world.

Even if you’re stuck in a shitty job for whatever reason…  You can still find OUTLETS for your passions in side hustles, hobbies, etc.


1. Think back to when you were young. What did you enjoy doing? What TYPES of activities did you enjoy doing? How would you categorize those activities?

When you’re a kid you are the purest “essence” of you.

Your mind is unfiltered by the pressures of your parents telling you to do shit or be a doctor or society pressuring you to conform to the way things “should” be.

As a kid my passion was always cooking and being around food. From an early age I LOVED cooking. My dream job as a child was a chef.

Later on I was drawn to various women’s issues and I felt drawn to helping women in some way or another. I ran the women’s rights clubs at my school, organized TONS of events for women’s empowerment, and was deeply invested in volunteering with domestic violence support hotlines.

I was always just drawn to unlocking feminine energy.

2. Think about the struggles you have gone through. Can you help people with your struggles?

Often times our struggles turn into our passions.

If you’ve struggled through some hard stuff in life, you can feel other people’s pain so DEEPLY if they’ve gone through something similar. You feel it viscerally like it’s your own. You feel called to help them get out of this struggle and release their pain.

This is how I felt with fitness coaching. As you know I struggled through a lot with my body image (eating disorders, terrible body image etc). I got out of it through fitness + proper nutrition, I felt called to help other women who struggled to feel confident in their skin.

I also struggled through a lot of pain, FEAR, and stress with my own business and leadership journey:

Even though I had the SKILLS, I struggled with the fears of promoting myself/ feeling good enough / imposter syndrome / judgement / what are people thinking, etc. (ESPECIALLY on a social media business)

It was very painful mentally, especially because you know that YOU are the only one holding YOU back with your own mind. You can help people and make money, but you’re literally self sabotaging yourself.

This is why I started coaching other women leaders and entrepreneurs on fear and mind mastery, because once I learned the skills to control my mind I became limitless with my income and impact.

3. Give yourself SPACE to explore your passions!

You can’t find what you’re passionate about if you come home from work and numb your brain with Netflix and alcohol every night.

If you hate your job or feel like you’re not passionate about it, stop scrolling social media endlessly and actively take TIME to actually explore your hobbies and passions to find what it IS you’re passionate about!

OK so maybe you have no hobbies except Netflix and alcohol. Cool. If you DID have hobbies what would they be? Start there.

Start helping people with your hobbies. Helping = impact = makes you feel good.

4. STOP telling yourself you won’t make any money doing what you love!!

Making money is a choice. It’s a decision. Money is not hard to make. It’s your MIND you need to shift.

You get what you expect, so change your expectations.

If you go into something thinking you’ll be broke…. you’re going to act that way and be broke.

If you expect to make money you will. You will take the actions to align your external world to your internal expectations.

It’s just like gaining or losing weight. It’s a choice. If you think it’s impossible — it will be.

>> Come up with a list of 10 people doing what you love and making tons of money, and remind yourself that if THEY can do it so can you. <<

Or work with me and I will kick your ass to help you realize that you are highly capable of making money doing whatever it is you want to do.

Figure out WHAT you’re passionate about and THEN figure out how to monetize it.

It’s 2018 and the internet has created HUNDREDS of different business models to monetize the most random shit.

If people can monetize GOAT YOGA and become millionaires, I’m sure YOU can monetize whatever it is you’re passionate about too.

Investing in a coach will help you make money faster though.

5. Your passions can change and shift.

10 years ago you might have been passionate about engineering. Now, not so much.

Don’t force yourself into an old pair of jeans that doesn’t fit anymore.

Allow yourself to grow. You are not in a cage except in your mind.

6. You can be multi-passionate.

I have many passions: Fitness. Entrepreneurship. Fear mastery coaching. Writing.

At the end of the day the theme is helping women live their most FEARLESS and CONFIDENT lives possible, so you can achieve your highest level of success, wealth and fulfillment. And ultimately your highest level of connection to the universe as possible.

I do this in many ways.

Don’t lock yourself into a box just because you think one way is what you “should” do.

7. Stop worrying what your parents / friends / auntie thinks.

Your friends and auntie don’t spend their time thinking about you. They spend their time thinking about themselves. They might judge you for all of 5 seconds of their life and then move on to thinking about what they’re going to have for dinner.

(Or in reality they might just be super jealous that you had the guts to go after your passion while they are stuck at their shitty job). Who knows and honestly who cares. Let them do their thing while you do yours.

Keep your own inner state at peace because that’s all you can control and all that matters.

Also: Your parents want you to be HAPPY and not starving on the streets.

Show them that you can make money doing this and give them some confidence in you.

>> The way I see it, it’s your DUTY as a human to find your higher purpose in the world and fulfill it. << 

If you don’t, you are wasting your life and letting your soul drain away from you in a life that is very misaligned.

Yes, it’s harsh. But that is truly how I feel. Because I have been there and I KNOW the pain of being in a 9-5 that totally sucks your soul.

You often feel like you can’t complain about it because you make a lot of money and how can you be so UNGRATEFUL to complain about it???

But re-frame it this way: You’re one of the few people in the universe who actually has the opportunity to live a life of fulfillment, that turns you on, to reach your highest potential in the world

So many people can’t do this and are forced into manual labor jobs. But YOU CAN.

The longer you wait = the longer it’s going to take.

Live is meant to be lived. Live fearlessly.



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  1. Ann says:

    I’m so interested! I feel like crying just reading this blog right here. Tell me more Dee. -Ann

    P.s. you know me. I’ve been following you fr the beginning 🙂

  2. Apoorva Kutumbe says:

    Dee you’re always dropping real life issues in a such a simple manner and for everyone to understand. It also almost applies to all! I am so glad I am reading this right now while contemplating writing another blog post. This just pushed me a little more to go get what I want from life. Thanks!

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