DO YOU EVER FEEL like no matter what goals you reach… you’re STILL aren’t truly proud of yourself?

Top Grades. Promotion. Salary.

What happens when you actually HIT these goals?

You still don’t feel as happy as you thought you would. ✨
In fact… you feel a little ASHAMED, don’t you? That you didn’t do MORE?

“Only a 100 on my test? Well yeah I should have gotten the extra credit but I missed it.”
“Only got into _____? It’s fine but it’s not Harvard.”
“I finally dropped 10lbs. It’s fine but I still don’t look like _[her]_”

You downplay your accomplishments as “not that big a deal” and jump immediately on to the next goal that you think will give you the true satisfaction. (But it never does).

If this sounds like you girlfriend, you’re not alone.

THIS trait — always seeking more, never feeling FULLY satisfied with goals — is characteristic of #highachievers, something I experienced, and is something I see in many women I coach.

This quality helps you accomplish a ton in life, because you get addicted to chasing higher and higher goals.

But when it comes to your BODY?? Girlfriend, this trait is holding you back from EVER feeling amazing in your skin!!


Since you are not used to ever feeling good enough, you never really feel like your body is good enough either.

Maybe now you don’t allow yourself to feel good until you reach some arbitrary goal of “losing 10 lbs” (which you don’t want to admit, doesn’t seem like it’s ever going to happen anytime soon).

But once you get there, guess what?!

You’ll still feel like it’s “not good enough.”
Something is still missing.
You’ll never feel truly at peace, keep attacking yourself when you slip up, feeling guilty, and shameful.

…Which will lead to major self-sabotage + rebounding! You’ll pull yourself back to how you truly see yourself inside, “not good enough” for it.

Sound familiar?

Well: want know the secret to shed the fat with ease? Keep it off? And actually #lookgoodnaked FOR GOOD?

It’s counter-intuitive and NOT what you think ⚠️

PRACTICE feeling “good enough,” confident, sexy, and amazing in your body now. You need to learn what this feels like, (because to be honest, you have NO CLUE what it even TRULY feels like, do you?)

Go buy some jeans that actually fit, now. (Instead of the tiny old ones that stare at you in the closet and make you feel like shit every day).

You’ll find that once you start doing little things to actually feel great about your body NOW, shedding the fat will become EASY PEASY. You feel so good, so you’ll want to KEEP feeling good!Working out, eating well, will really become effortless.

Remember: you are allowed to feel good now AND reach your aesthetic goals. ⚠️If you can’t feel good about yourself now, you’re not going to really good for long when you get there either I promise you that ⚠️

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