Let’s talk PLATEAUS!

This is when you’re making zero progress on your body goals. Maybe:

>> Your fat loss has stalled
>> Strength gains have decreased
>> Motivation has waned, and you just don’t have the zest for your workouts that you did when you started.

Plateaus can be devastating, but they are very real:

After a certain amount of time your body adapts, and “gets used to” the amount of food and exercise you are doing… so it’s no longer as effective.

As a coach, it is my job to help my clients identify + bust your plateaus so that you keep seeing steady fat-loss results.

In today’s #DailyDoseOfDee I’m going to share with you exactly HOW I IDENTIFY A FAT LOSS PLATEAU:

Here are the questions I ask —


Is there really ZERO progress?

Like, zero ZERO?

This means no fat loss on the scale…
OR in progress pictures
OR changes with how your clothes fit.

All these things are different measurements of fat loss — don’t use one in isolation!

Sometimes your clothes might fit better, but you might not see changes on the scale. And that’s OK!

Now: If it’s REALLY a plateau, the next thing to ask is why:


Most of the time when people think they are plateauing, it’s just an issue of inconsistency — especially with nutrition.

Maybe you’ve been traveling, or letting a few extra treats slip in here and there.

In this case, tracking your nutrition / macros is KEY to busting this plateau.

If you are deviating with nutrition — First ask yourself WHY. Be honest!

>> Are your calories too low, so you’re getting hungry and overeating?
>> Are you always surrounded by friends who want high calorie treats?
>> Are you eating ‘healthy’ but not seeing any fat loss?

In this case I encourage you to track your macros and learn a little bit about nutrition to make sure you’re in a calorie deficit.

If you’re not in a calorie deficit, you will not shed fat. It’s that simple.

If you are not getting your workouts in, ask similar questions:
>> Are your workouts enjoyable?
>> Are you feeling drained and exhausted from them?
>> Do you dread them, so you aren’t doing them?

ADHERENCE to your program is the #1 factor to look at before making any adjustments.

IF adherence is an issue, fix that first: Find a training plan you ENJOY and a nutrition strategy that you can actually stick to. Join the Look Good Naked Training Club today if you need a plan and want to learn the basics of flexible dieting 🙂


I typically adjust NUTRITION before training.

If you’re tracking your nutrition, slightly lower calories so that you break the plateau without feeling hungry or having cravings.

Small adjustments (just a few hundred calories) are key: If you adjust too much, you’re going to get hungry + risk overeating!

Keep protein the same and adjust from carbs/ fats only.

Every body’s nutrition needs are different, but I teach you how to do this yourself on an individual basis for your goals. ​

Learning the skills to bust your plateau on your own is KEY to feel in control of your body again.


If this sounds confusing, don’t worry. I make this super easy and teach you exactly how to this in the Look Good Naked Training Club.

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