Super real post here fam.

I’ve never had anxiety in my life. Honestly, when I heard women talked about “anxiety” I would secretly think they were weak and just couldn’t deal with stress. (Yes, I was that obnoxious)

Before I started my biz the only type of “anxiety” I experienced was the kind where “I’m nervous about this presentation to the CEO and feel like shitting my pants💩.”

But let tell you: That is a beach vacation compared to REAL anxiety.

REAL anxiety is an intense, full body, paralyzing experience unlike ANYTHING I have gone through.

And with this anxiety… COMES URGES TO STRESS EAT EVERYTHING 🍪🍩🍦🍰🍦🍿🍕🍟

Some days I want to just lie in bed all day and drown in chocolate, chips, cookies, and ice cream.
(Tell me if you can relate)

Thankfully I’ve learned how to really bitchslap stress eating and avoid sabotaging myself.

Managing stress is the #1 skill I’ve had to be super disciplined about. If there is one thing that could sabotage me… it’s me. My lower self holding ideal me back from living my potential and helping other women.

My exact steps to busting 👊🏽 STRESS EATING are:

SELF/ BODY AWARENESS: Stress is a feeling in your body. Everything is tense. PAUSE and notice your body! Is it tense? I am v aware of what it feels like now and force myself to nip it in the bud.

I tell myself out loud:

I meditate. 5–10 mins. Do it in the bathroom if you’re at work.

I journal, write out the EXACT fears and things I’m anxious about. 99% of the time it comes to something really dumb like ‘I’m comparing myself to X person and her abs.’

I re-frame each fear to be the Truth I choose instead. I write out my exact ideal life, my amazing clients, my amazing relationships. I visualize it in my head.

I workout. Sometimes I just need to go workout.

And I keep the chocolate on the TOP shelf so that I really have to think hard “do I really want this?”

Ladies. It’s CRUCIAL you manage stress in ways other than food. Don’t throw your goals out the window just because you’re stressed.

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