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Why I’m shifting from “FITSPO” to “HEALTHSPO” –> 

When I started fitness coaching, my message and marketing was heavily based around aesthetics. I was a typical “fitspo” account–

Think Ab pictures. Workout videos. How to track macros. Tips to “get back on track.”

At the time, aesthetic based training was my #1 focus. I started my fitness journey by training for body building competitions, which are entirely focused on aesthetics.

I primarily coached women around how to lift weights, and how to tone, and sculpt your body to achieve the highly desired “X” or hourglass shape.

I taught women how to track macros, adjust their nutrition to prevent plateaus, and fit in treats / indulgences without guilt.

I still teach this stuff to my clients. Because training with weights and understanding nutrition basics is SO empowering, and it’s an amazing feeling to see and feel your body getting stronger and feeling more energized.

In typical fitness coach format, my clients took progress pictures every week, took scale measurements, and I adjusted their training plans to make sure they were still seeing progress in terms of fat loss and muscle gain.

This was how my coaches coached me, and this is pretty standard stuff in the fitness space.

But as I grew as a coach, as I learned more about what I truly wanted out of my body (and life)…  my coaching philosophy has changed. Dramatically.

I took some time off from the fitness space where I was able to really look critically at the marketing in the fitness industry.

When most women come to me (or any coach) they feel insecure in their bodies, just like I used to.

They want to change a certain area, tone up, shed fat, to feel better about themselves.

They, like I did myself, operate under the widely held paradigm of:

“IF I rid myself of the body fat” –> THEN I will feel more confident

AKA – I simply cannot feel confident in my body unless I rid myself of the body fat.

But really… This is simply a load of marketing bullshit trying to get you to buy stuff.

I believed this at the time, because it’s what the fitness industry told me.

And I promoted this message, because I believed it.

And truthfully, at that stage in my fitness journey?? –> I DID feel more secure and confident when I had lost some weight and achieved a “perfect,” hourglass body.

After YEARS of looking “different” than everyone around me, I hustled for 2 years to achieve a perfect aesthetic. I spent 2+ hours in the gym 6 days a week. I tracked every single morsel I ate, had calculated cheat days, and lost out on countless social events because they didn’t fit into my macros. 

First off: YES, there is SO much reward in working hard and reaching goals. That felt amazing. I was proud as hell of myself for this.

But what felt better? Was that I had finally conformed to society’s norm. I finally felt “accepted.” I finally looked “good,” had “abs” and was getting complements on my appearance.

This was an exciting feeling.

But, as I grew, and as my body returned back to its original, curvy shape, I realized… 

My perfect, hourglass body did not bring me true happiness… 

It was just a way to hide myself and protect me from criticism.

It was a way to finally make me feel “good enough,” which deep down, I never felt growing up.

It was a way to finally feel accepted, admired, respected… Which I wasn’t really getting at work at the time.  

It was a way to protect me from being judged harshly for being “different.” 

And for many women I coached, and many people in the fitness industry?

It was the same thing – Having what society deems a “good body” makes us feel accepted. Liked. Good enough. Beautiful.

It gives us these feelings of worth, that we attach SO heavily our bodies. 

And that? That’s not confidence, to me.

As I grew and evolved in my business — I realized that I didn’t even want to conform my body to a norm anymore.

I truly believe that the most revolutionary leaders in the world are the ones who can tune out the noise, go within, listen to their Self, and be true to themselves.

Looking like this X is truly not my natural body shape. My natural body shape has curves. Hips. Boobs. These are qualities which make me unique, which I suppressed heavily when I was body building, just because I thought I needed to look a certain way in order to be accepted.

And I truly believe that you cannot thrive most in the world if you are living on someone else’s definition of success.

What I believe now is:

True confidence in your body does not come not from making your body conform to a norm, but from being OK with your natural body shape which may be out of the norm.

  • It comes from accepting that your natural body shape MIGHT NOT be an hourglass, and that’s perfectly OK, because it’s what makes you unique  – (Just like you shouldn’t become a doctor just because everyone else is… You should do what you truly want to do).
  • It comes from security in knowing and accepting who you are, and not needing a “perfect body” to hide your true Self under.
  • It comes from being actually OK with some criticism, and being able to handle it maturely, because you have a deep sense of inner security and inner peace.
  • It comes from prioritizing workouts that make you FEEL best: Strong, fit, sexy, powerful.
  • It comes from eating foods that energize you, that make you feel good, and that help your body feel the best it can feel, without deprivation, restriction.
  • It comes from truly understanding how to LISTEN to your body in all areas, and give it what it’s screaming for emotionally and spiritually – compassion. self care. acceptance. nourishment. love.

When you focus on the things that make you FEEL best…

And let your body do it’s thing….

You will find it looks and feels amazing. 

Conforming makes us feel safe, shelters us from criticism, gives us external admiration.

But it also traps us into something we are not.

Being “HOT” comes from individuality, not from conforming.

“HOT” is an energy state. It’s the state where you are living in full alignment and resonance with who you are at your core. In full authenticity with what you desire in your life. 

To me, my body started to look and feel the best when I took steps to create a life I genuinely wanted to create. Quit my job. Started my business. Stopped body building workouts and started doing other things that made me FEEL good: Dancing, Yoga, Running. Lifting, but only sometimes.

Instead of focusing SO HARD on the aesthetics, like a typical “fitspo” account… I am shifting a lot of the focus of my page into:

(1) FEELING GOOD in your body inside and out.

(2) Having an incredible, positive relationship with FOOD, one that does not involve fearing it.

(3) Promoting body diversity, and not trying to get you to look like an X 🙂

Focus on the feelings you want to attract, and the aesthetics will fall into place. 

Is it OK to have aesthetic goals? Yes! Sometimes. There IS value in setting a goal and working your ass off to achieve it. But not because you hate your looks and need the body to change them. Because the body isn’t going to change your insecurities, it’s just going to cover them up. Work on accepting yourself and prioritizing how you want to FEEL above all else.

Aesthetics are a natural byproduct of FEELING the best you can feel.

Hot is an energy that you radiate… not a look.

You feel me? Tell me below.


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