Dealing with FOOD PUSHERS

What’s a food pusher? Basically someone who pushes food onto you even though you’re full.

And makes you feel guilty and rude if you don’t eat it

Sound familiar?

A client was struggling with this today, and I thought it would be a good topic to talk about here. Because I know many of you relate.

In our society, FOOD can often be interpreted as synonymous with LOVE 💕. (In Indian culture especially we display love by showering you with food!!)

So it’s very EASY to feel guilty saying “no”

…Because it’s literally like rejecting someone’s love!

So what should you DO??

1️⃣ First off: Understand the association. What are you really worried about?

If I don’t eat this…
>> Will they feel disappointed with me? (And think I’m rejecting their love)?

2️⃣Now understand that you can STILL love someone & be loved… and simultaneously not want to finish everything they pile on your plate.

3️⃣And be honest w/ them:
“I have a fitness goal I’m trying to reach by X date so I’m watching my nutrition.”

“I loved the food and I love you too. But I am so stuffed right now and will feel ILL if I eat more.” (They don’t want you to feel ill do they?)

In theory they‘ll be supportive. If not, that is okay. You’re not responsible for their happiness 🙂

4️⃣ Remember: Grandma / auntie will think about this for 3 seconds of her life… and then move on to the million other things she has on her mind.

Staying on track in social situations DOES require some degree of confidence! You need to stand up for your goals and make decisions despite pressure and occasional judgement.

The broader issue is: Why do you feel the need to sacrifice your own success & well-being for someone else’s two seconds of happiness or fear of offending them?

Remember: It’s OK to stand up for your own desires and goals.

#askforit (Go watch my insta story about this) You will never receive what you want in life if you cannot stand up for your true desires.


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