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Top 5 Fat Loss Mistakes – Revealed.

Have you been trying to get lean forever but nothing is working? Eating ‘clean’ but not seeing results? Feel like giving up because you’re so frustrated?🙅🏽‍♀️ Nutrition and fitness can be extremely confusing. Over the next 5 days I’ll be sharing the top 5 fat loss MISTAKES that I see women making when attempting fat[…..]

The 3 reasons why women binge eat (that have nothing to do with willpower).

Binge Eating. Is this something you struggle with? This is when you feel out of control around food, like something has taken over you and you just can’t stop eating.You are not alone. Many women struggle with this and I did too. Most women think binge eating is a *problem*, and the solution is: ❌[…..]

How to start trusting yourself around your “trigger foods.”

You know — those foods you JUST. CAN’T. STOP. EATING. You tell yourself you “can’t be trusted” around these foods. If you eat one you’re going to eat the entire bag. You don’t keep them in the house because you’re scared of binging on them… But then when you do somehow manage to get access[…..]

What is “Normal Eating” Anyway?

In a world where most of us live in fear of food and disconnected from our bodies — what does it really mean to eat “normally,” anyway? I want to share with you this description from Ellyn Satter. This helped me SO much when I was recovering from my eating disorders, learning to listen to my body, and embracing Intuitive Eating. 💗[…..]

No matter how much you ate yesterday, you still have to eat today.

It’s been a day of traveling today so no long caption. Instead I’m leaving you with a few mantras to repeat to yourself during this crazy time of the holiday season! .1. Overeating is a normal part of being a human. Our bodies are designed to regulate in times of plenty and scarcity. Restriction the[…..]

My Health Coaching Philosophies

When women work with me, they have a wide range of goals: Lose fat. Tone up. Gain strength. Heal your relationship with food. Improve your body image. My coaching philosophy has changed a LOT since I started coaching 1.5 years ago – so I want to lay it out here. 1. THE END GOAL IS:[…..]


Eating disorders, bodybuilding, how I landed in the fitness industry, and breaking FREE from food and body obsession.    My body journey “officially” started when I was 14, when my family moved to rural New Hampshire. Middle school sucks for everyone. But was especially hard for me, because I looked different from everyone around me.[…..]

What happens when you stop dieting

When you stop dieting, stop 🛑 tracking/ counting, stop ✋ flexible dieting (which is technically still dieting)— . and you learn to actually LISTEN to your body… . 👉 Give it what it‘s screaming for in in ALL areas, physical, emotional, and personal… 👉 Give yourself permission to genuinely eat what you WANT, what satisfies[…..]


Those few moments after a binge… are a few of the worst moments of your entire life. You feel so…. Ashamed. Guilty. Embarrassed. Just… gross. Why did I do that? What the HELL is wrong with me? Why can’t I just CONTROL myself??! Panic. Stress. Needing to “un do” the damage. ************************ Binge eating is[…..]