Ready to get lean, get confident, and feel incredible in your clothes for life?
...Without blindly dieting, cutting out carbs, or hours of cardio?


Ready to get lean, confident, and feel incredible in your body every single day?

...WITHOUT blindly dieting, cutting out carbs, or punishing yourself with cardio?

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Hi, Gorgeous.
If you're reading this, you’re probably an ambitious, goal-oriented woman with a big vision for your life, your career, and your family. 

But... there's one thing holding you back from showing up like the woman you're meant to be in the world:
>> Your Confidence. <<
Specifically, I’m talking about your struggles with food and your body.

Tell me if this sounds like you...

X You hit the cookies when life gets stressful: It often feels like something uncontrollable has taken over you and you just can't stop eating no matter how hard you try.

X You're a perfectionist: So if you're not perfect with your diet, it means you're a failure and beat yourself up. 

X You’ve been trying to lose weight ‘forever’ but nothing has worked long-term: Every diet results in a binge or rebellion.

X You are embarrassed by your eating habits and feel like they’ve gotten really out of control (especially at night).

X You constantly compare your body to other women, feeling angry and at your own.

X You avoid wearing the clothes you love or wearing a swimsuit because of the way your body looks.

X You look successful on the surface... but underneath have been fighting a war between yourself and your body for years.

It feels like despite all your success, your body is the one area of your life you don't have under "control."
You feel frustrated. Stuck. Panicked.
You Are Not Alone.
Hi. I'm Dee.

I struggled with food and my body for over 10 years, and I want to stress to you that you are NOT alone in whatever you're going through.

When I say I struggled, we're talking things like: 

>> Emotionally eating eating an entire pan of brownies at midnight when I was overwhelmed by my high stress job.

 Spending hours in the gym, but not seeing results because my nutrition was not in place

>> Obsessively jumping from diet to diet, nothing ever working and feeling frustrated each time. 

I created the Boss Body Nutrition Revolution because I was sick of seeing incredible, ambitious women fall prey to a broken dieting industry and hold themselves back in life because of their struggle with food and body like I did for so many years.

I have coached over 100+ women to lose fat, get stronger, and feel incredible in their bodies for life and my work has been featured in magazines such as POPSUGAR and Yahoo Fitness. 
What if you no longer had to struggle with your body like this?

You could finally drop the excess body fat without miserable restrictive dieting and feel lean, confident, and toned in your clothes every day?

You woke up every day feel energized and alive daily, instead of sluggish and slow?

You enjoyed intimate time with your partner confidently, without a single thought about your body? 

You could gain power over your food habits, and eat in a way that made you feel incredible while reaching your body goals?

You could break free from the toxic diet-binge-weight-gain-yo-yo rollercoaster, and feel confident in all your clothes for life?
This is 100% Possible For You.
In the Boss Body Nutrition Revolution, we've helped hundreds of women like you transform their bodies and habits for good to feel lean, strong, and confident in their skin.

Want to learn how?

"I no longer feel trapped by all or nothing diet mentalities"

I have a much better understanding of healthier food choices for my body type and fitness level.

"I lost 8 lbs and feel more confident in all my clothes"

I immediately saw and felt results when I worked with Dee. 

"I was actually eating carbs" 

Something I hadn’t allowed myself to enjoy in months. And I still felt great, not super bloated or heavy.
You probably attempted to lose weight by restrictive dieting: Cutting carbs, slashing calories, crash dieting, etc.

And let me guess: It didn't work.

Here's the truth: We gain weight when we are completely disconnected from our bodies: When we eat past fullness, emotionally eat, and don't nourish ourselves optimally.

Diets further disconnect you from your bodies by telling you to ignore your hunger, and restrict random food groups instead of nourishing yourself. 

How can a solution that's based in disconnection and body shame possibly be the solution to feeling good in your skin? 

Restrictive dieting rarely works long-term because it's unsustainable - Most women don't know how to eat normally after the diet ends, since they never learn anything about nutrition.

PLUS you never deal with the real issues causing you to overeat: Stress, emotions, boredom, and more. 

The diet always ends in a giant binge when you can't stick to it any longer...

And when you fail over and over again, you lose trust in yourself.

You beat yourself up, and stay trapped in the cycle of shame, guilt, frustration...

...And you end up gaining weight, not losing it.

When You Join The Boss Body Nutrition Revolution, You Will:

✔️ Shed fat and get leaner in a healthy + sustainable manner. 

✔️ Learn exactly how to eat for your body to lose fat and get leaner WITHOUT slashing calories ultra low or blindly restricting food groups. 

✔️ Stay motivated long-term with a supportive community to hold you accountable

✔️ Overcome emotional / stress eating, and transform your relationship with food for life.

✔️ Take pleasure out of eating and learn how to trust yourself around food.

✔️Build healthy eating habits and create LASTING lifestyle change.
Ready to Get Lean, Toned, and Confident? 
Note: This Program is Not For Everyone.
The Boss Body Nutrition Revolution is for you IF:

✔️You desire to lose excess body-fat,  get more toned, and improve your metabolism.

✔️ You are ready to stop stress and emotional eating, and build healthy eating habits that last forever.

✔️You want to wear the clothes you love without thinking twice.

✔️You want to stay motivated and accountable with a supportive team and with Dee as your coach

✔️You understand that your relationship with food is JUST as important as what you eat for fat loss.

I travel often, will this work for me?
Yes! We have dozens of women in the program who travel frequently for work. We teach you how to make nutritious, balanced choices when eating out.

Do you work with vegetarians?

Do you work with women with PCOS?

I've tried a lot of things in the past, how will I know this works?
Have you ever tried anything sustainable? The reason most people fail or yo-yo is because they utilize unsustainable or overly restrictive methods, which don't put them in a sustained calorie deficit. 

We are so confident in our program that we have a money back guarantee: If you do all the work and still see no results, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked. 
"What Kinds of Results Can I Expect?"
Weight loss results like these below ARE typical:
(A) Continue the path you're on now.
Emphatically declare "I need to lose weight!" every 6 months, but fail each time because you don't have a sustainable approach.
Keep struggling to feel confident in your clothes and at social events.
Keep staying stuck in the toxic cycle of dieting, binging, and yo-yo-ing in weight, that's holding your confidence back and making you lose trust in yourself...
Keep throwing money at expensive trainers and nutritionists who never teach you the SKILLS to sustain yourself long-term and have a healthy relationship with food for life...

(B) Click the link below and transform your body and life for good.
Transform your body and relationship with food forever. Feel incredible in your skin yourself for life. Understand how to feel in control of the way YOUR body looks, feels, and performs.
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On this call we will go over your specific body goals and challenges, and see if you are a good fit for our program!