As someone who has spent a lot of years hating my body…(and self)

This is something have been thinking about a lot lately and want to talk more about on our call this Sunday.

A lot of people use BODY love and SELF love interchangeably.

But to me they are super different.

You can love your SELF but not love the current state of body, and that is perfectly OK.

As long as you ACCEPT your body.

And understand that YOUR SELF is not your BODY.

Your SELF = Your personality. How nice you are. What you are capable of. Your purpose and mission in the world.

Your body is just the vehicle for it.

The issues arise when we link the two and hate our SELF because of our BODY.

I hate myself because I am 10lbs over my ideal

I am not allowed to be happy because I am not skinny
I deal with self-hate by sabotaging my body

OR THE CONTRARY: I love myself! So therefore I don’t need to workout because of body positivity right??

– I recognize I’m an incredible human, regardless of my weight
– I value myself based on achievements. Abilities. Purpose in the world, not on my body
– I take care of my body and make decisions because I love my Self and know that I cannot be the best version of me unless my physical condition is at its peak too

– Starts with ACCEPTANCE of the PHYSICAL state of things – You have to just accept that it is what it is.
– Does NOT have to be complete (ie you can love your legs but not your arms at the moment and that is ok as long as you ACCEPT your arms and don’t spend time hating them)

– You can love your BODY but not the appearance of it at this current moment (ie I love my arms because they are strong but also want them to be slimmer) – this paradox is hard to understand!

– Ultimately you want to get to a point where your “ideal aesthetic” in your head matches your physical appearance.

YOU are different than your body.
DETACH the two.

Think of it like a house. You can love YOUR HOUSE but still want to paint your walls pink! The COLOR OF YOUR HOUSE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HOW MUCH YOU LIKE YOURSELF OR HOW YOU TREAT YOUR SELF.

Thoughts?? Curious what you think

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