Are You "Too Much" ?! - Dee Gautham

This past week someone on the Internet called me “too much.” (Again. Lol.)

Your captions are too long
You post too much
Your nails are too bright
You’re too intense
You use too many capitals
You wear too much pink
You’re obnoxious

(This is every humans worst nightmare isn’t it?)

To be yourself 100% freely and then be shamed for it, made to feel like you will be alone or friendless.

It’s why so many of us suppress parts of ourselves and live lives that are so ridiculously misaligned with who we are and what we want deep down…

It’s why so many of us are afraid to #Askforit and get things we actually WANT in life…

It’s why so many entrepreneurs with incredible gifts just don’t sell themselves with confidence…

Because you are afraid of being too much. Too loud. Of intimidating other people.
We play such a delicate game trying to be just the RIGHT amount of “much” but not “TOO much,” and balance everyone else’s expectations with what WE want.

A few years ago a comment like this would have DEVASTATED me.

I would have seen it as true and doubted everything.

AM I too much? Are pink nails really too loud? I should just stop posting and delete my Instagram because I’ve embarrassed myself so much and everyone thinks I’m too much.

But as I’ve aligned on what I actually want in life I’ve learned how to forgive these people and move on….

I thank them for the feedback (sometimes they are just being helpful)

I forgive them, for letting their own ego and fears get in the way.

And then I do whatever TF I want anyway and keep being TOO MUCH 😂 .
If people call you too much = it’s a reflection of their own ego & fears of the way things “should be” getting in the way.

But look in life there IS no way things “SHOULD be.” It’s literally made up and in our heads.

Being “TOO MUCH,” posting what I want, doing what is aligned for me and whatever TF I feel like doing has gotten me:

👉🏽 a 6+ figure business where I get paid for being me and doing what I love doing… while changing the lives of hundreds of woman around the world

👉🏽a free lifestyle where I can travel ALL the fucking time, and visit my family anytime I want without taking “vacation days”

👉🏽 a fulfilled life that is so crazy happy and joyful beyond my wildest DREAMS.

Sooo imma keep on being too much.

No one successful got there by being “too little” or “playing small.”

Allow yourself to be all of you. .
When you suppress one part of you, you suppress ALL of you. “YOU” IS ALL OR NOTHING.

If ALL of you is too much for some people, THOSE ARE NOT YOUR PEOPLE.

You’ll find your real soulmate people. I promise you, but the ONLY way you will do that is by being ALL of you.

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