What does it mean to live your life in total alignment with who you are?

Well to be honest, everything just feels easy.

Literally everything you do every day is because you genuinely want to not because you have to.

You are allowed to access joy, happiness, pleasure at ANY moment, it’s not contingent on results or something you delay until you’re “good enough.”

You feel free. You feel light. You feel energized.

You feel sure. Certain.

You feel secure.

You feel confident.

You feel like you are part of something greater in this universe.

You feel infinitely powerful.

Everything around you: Is in full support of you and your purpose in the world. Your relationships. Your body. Your clients.

Everything around you brings you joy, happiness, and flow.

You’re in flow all the time.

No more hiding who you are from the world.

No more hiding what you actually want from the world.

No more walking around your life like you have a tight belt on, jeans that don’t fit, or a tank top that’s too tight in the armpits.

You’re free to be who you are, the essence of you ARE at your core.

You just KNOW your desires are divine and were placed in your heart for a reason. You don’t question them. You know they are happening, there is just not even any other option.

You don’t worry about people judging you either… because you’re so fully secure in yourself and who you are.

Anyway; People who judge you are likely not living their lives in alignment, hiding parts of themselves, not being true to themselves, living in total fear.

Alignment is the opposite of fear. It’s faith. It’s full trust in yourself.

It’s walking around KNOWING that everything you want is coming your way, and acting as that high level badass person you are who already HAS the outcome you desire.


Being so so so TRUE to yourself and who you are that people feel that ENERGY and cannot RESIST your magnetic pull.

It’s the secret to relieving anxiety, stress, depression: Stop constricting and start breathing.

It’s the secret to leading with power.

It’s the secret to living a meaningful life that fulfills you and turns you ON daily.

How I shift from anxiety into FLOW and ALIGNMENT each morning: 

>> Journal

>> Meditate

>> Exercise

>> Writing.

REPEAT until I feel my inner power come out.

Wouldn’t it be nice if life could be easier?

Would it be nice to stop waking up with anxiety every day?

Wouldn’t it be nice to stop freaking out about bills and start trusting that money was on the way?

It STARTS by coming from this place of inner knowing, trust, allowing things to flow like they should instead of constricting what isn’t meant to be into a cage.

From THIS SPACE you can create, unleash your power within, unlock your inner confidence.

Let it be easy. Really. 

Tell me if you resonate 🙂

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