Meet Dee

Hi! I’m Dee 

I’m the owner and head coach of Dee Gautham Fitness. 

I’m a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Online Coach, published author, and speaker on women’s body image and self-confidence.

I am an expert in helping women:

✓ Lose body fat in a healthy and balanced manner 
✓ Get stronger, gain muscle and tone
✓ Improve their self confidence and body image
✓ Improve their relationship with food
✓ Overcome stress and emotional emotional eating 
✓ Stay balanced with health amidst a stressful, busy schedule and high-pressure environments. 

I’ve been featured in publications such as POPSUGAR Fitness, Yahoo Fitness, and more.

I currently live in San Francisco, California! 



For as long as I can remember, I struggled to feel comfortable in my body and around food. I started my first diet when I was 13, which spiraled into several full blown-eating disorders through my teen and college years. As I got older, I continued to struggle with negative body image, yo-yo dieting, perfectionism with food, and damaging negative-self talk. 

My relationship with exercise wasn’t much better. Like many women, I did a lot of cardio but I never saw the results I wanted with my body. I felt lost, and frustrated with myself. 

After college, I started my career in Silicon Valley as a Product Manager. It was a time of high-stress, and I started emotionally eating to cope with my stress.

Pretty soon, I realized I needed a healthier outlet: I fell into the world of strength training. As I learned how to lift weights and eat more flexibly, my body and mind transformed. I got leaner, fitter, and stronger — But most of all, I learned how to feel more power over my thoughts and emotions. My self-confidence skyrocketed. 

I fell in love with fitness, health, and psychology. I I got certified as a Personal Trainer, became a Nutritionist, and started coaching other professional women on the side to my corporate job who wanted to lose weight, get stronger, and find balance in their lives. 

A few years, I quit my 9-5 to launch my coaching business full-time, Dee Gautham Fitness! 

I developed the Boss Body Method of coaching to help busy, professional women get into their best shape ever – both physically and mentally.

I understand the unique challenges professional women face in their health journey — a hectic lifestyle, juggling multiple priorities, the stress of high-pressure environments — and I know that you need a solution that is flexible, adaptable, and fits into your busy lifestyle.

I use 100% evidence based methods ONLY in my coaching, and I place a heavy emphasis on mindset: I understand the importance of learning how to manage emotions in a healthy manner without food, maintain a positive body image in the process of weight loss, and develop a positive inner dialogue with yourself to stay self motivated.  

Today, I’ve coached over 100+ women achieve their body goals – whether those are aesthetic, performance, or strength based, or overall health and wellness. I have written a book on women’s mindset and Body Image.



The mission of Dee Gautham Fitness is to help women get in the best shape of their lives – physically AND mentally – so you can feel, look, and perform your best, and reach your highest potential in this world.

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