Meet Dee

Ready to become wealthy, fearless, and free? 

You deserve to make a sh*t ton of money doing what you love every singe day.

You deserve a life of ultimate freedom, joy, abundance, starting today.

You deserve to feel turned on, fulfilled, and wildly OBSESSED with your life every damn day. 

Don’t settle for anything less.


Hi! I’m Dee.

My story starts in Silicon Valley… 

I started my career in the 9-5 grind, working as a Product Manager at various big name technology companies . 

I made a lot of money…

But I was unhappy, unfulfilled, and exhausted grinding away just to make someone else rich.  

I started to feel trapped.

I knew I wanted to make a bigger impact in the world. 

So one day… I decided to quit my software job to start an Online Fitness Coaching business.

I had NO website. NO logo… Nothing except a small following on social media.

I just new that I wanted to be a fitness coach, and I knew I could help millions of women online with my skills.

>> In just 8 months I built my fitness coaching business to 6+ figures. <<

And designed a lifestyle of ULTIMATE freedom, entirely on my terms, where I could make a big impact in other women’s lives while doing something that fulfilled me deeply.

As my fitness business grew, I realized I LOVED helping other women design lives and business of total freedom, joy, income, and impact.

…As well as teaching women the skills to SELL themselves with confidence.


Here’s the harsh truth about running a biz:

As an entrepreneur, 90% of your job is sales.

And sadly…Most entrepreneurs suck at sales.

ESPECIALLY high ticket sales. 

Because the art of “closing high ticket sales” is not something they teach you in school:

They don’t teach you how to communicate effectively

How to make people *excited* to give you LARGE amounts money.

How to handle objections without being crushed.

How to write in a way that gets people excited to buy from you.

Most women assume they have to be PUSHY and aggressive to sell stuff… 

…and then go broke because selling makes them so uncomfortable.


If you’re reading this, you probably have an AMAZING product or service… 

But struggle to sell yourself + charge the HIGH ticket prices you know you’re worth. 

I know how you feel, because I have been in your shoes.

I was not born confident. I struggled HEAVILY with promoting myself.

I would get anxious / stressed out / panicked when selling.

I didn’t want to be too PUSHY/  too aggressive/ sleazy.

To be honest, my business almost went under because I couldn’t close sales.

So I quickly threw myself in mastering sales, learning every aspect of the psychology of high ticket selling, and learning how to close sales like a pro. 

And once I did this… 

My income, confidence, and power exploded.

>> Mastering sales is the single most useful skill that female leader or entrepreneur needs to learn in order to rise to unlimited success, income, and impact in this world << 

It is my MISSION as a coach to help driven women like you develop the SKILLS and POWER to become limitless in your business potential, and create a business + life you are in LOVE WITH. 



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