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Food is meant to be enjoyed, not restricted.

Food is NEVER meant to be associated with guilt, shame, or fear.

Your body is your home, and you feel the best in life when you are truly confident in your body.

Being “hot” is an energy, not one specific look. You look ‘best’ when you FEEL good about yourself in ALL sense of the word. Physically. Mentally, Professionally. Emotionally.

The human body has deep, powerful knowledge and intuition around food. This knowledge has been clouded by diet culture, restriction, and habits such as using food to cope with emotions. When we learn to EAT instead of deprive, when we learn how to listen to our bodies and truly nourish them… We will look and feel amazing.



For as long as I can remember, I struggled to feel confident in my body and have a positive relationship with food. 

I started my first diet when I was 13.

My family had just moved to rural New Hampshire, where I looked really different from the other girls around me. 

Puberty hit me hard, and man – I got curves fast.

I became obsessed with being thin. I exercised an obscene amount, counted every calorie I ate…  And I developed my first eating disorder. 

My body image and health improved in high school, as I worked with a nutritionist, and focused on enjoying sports. 

But my relationship with food still remained rocky. 

My struggles with food flared up again in college, a time where the pressure was intense. 

(College is a weird time, isn’t it?) Everyone is comparing themselves to each other. Academic stress is high. 

The pressure got to me. 

For most of college, my relationship with food involved some sort of diet, restriction, binging, and sometimes purging. 

I exercised mostly just to “burn things off.” I was obsessive about my workouts, I sacrificed countless social events to workout… and I was a slave to the gym.

I never truly knew what it felt like to be fully confident in my body.

How was it so easy for other girls?!

One day, a few years after college… 

I was googling something along the lines of “bikini weight workouts for women” and came across the page of a bikini bodybuilder.

I still felt insecure in my body… and I was drawn to the idea of achieving the “perfect aesthetic.”

So – I decided to sign up with my first fitness coach, and compete in my first bikini bodybuilding contest. 

>> And my life forever changed. <<

Bodybuilding taught me a LOT much about proper nutrition, fitness, and health.

I learned how to EAT, instead of deprive. I learned how to fuel my body with the food it needed, train with weights, and shape my body how I wanted to. 

Lifting weights made me feel strong. I felt confident. I felt empowered. 

I loved it SO much that I even got certified as a personal trainer, and started my Instagram page to help other women learn how to lift weights. 

I was working in Silicon Valley at the time… And I quit my 9-5 software job to go “all-in” on my online fitness business. 

It was an incredible experience, and I was able to help countless women with their health goals. 

But slowly, I started realized that placing such a heavy focus on aesthetics was still very unhealthy for me mentally. 

I, again, was obsessed with my body looking “perfect,” and I was sacrificing the quality of my life to do that.

Bodybuilding is an extreme sport. I would spend hours in the gym every day. I avoided social events because they didn’t fit my ‘macros.’ I was scared to visit my family because there wasn’t a gym there. I had no clue how to eat “normally” without my “macros.” 

I was a still a slave to my workouts and to food.

And that? That’s not true freedom. 

It was at this point that I took time off to truly heal my relationship with food and my body.

I stopped working with my bodybuilding coaches. I even took time away from the fitness industry altogether.

I fell into the world of intuitive eating, and did a ton of work to heal my relationship with my body and food. 

>> I learned how to truly “listen to my body,” nourish it, show it compassion instead of hatred.

>> I learned how to embracing the joy and pleasures of eating, instead of fearing food and living in restriction.

>> I learned how to stop obsessing, stressing, about my body… And focus on enjoying my life without worrying about weight gain. 

I finally reached true freedom over my body and peace with food.

MY body and thoughts about food no longer control me or get in the way of my life…  And my life has never been better. <3

You can read more about my fitness journey here.

It’s my mission now as a coach to help driven women like you break FREE from unhealthy food habits, reach peace with food, and conquer life in a body you LOVE!




Shed fat, gain strength, and tone in a healthy and balanced manner.  

Heal disordered eating habits (restriction, binging, over-exercise)

End emotional eating and binge eating.

Reach peace and freedom between food, body, and mind

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Please note – I am not a therapist or medical professional!  If you are struggling with an eating disorder, I highly recommend seeking out therapy. 



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