Here are some things I often eat as snacks between meals.

When I look for snacks I look for things that are:

  • Around 200-300 calories
  • Have at least 10g protein to keep me full.
  • Have some healthy carbs + a little healthy fat in there
  • If I can get some fiber in there that’s an awesome bonus to help tide me over between meals!

Some of my favorite high-protein snacks are:

  1. GREEK YOGURT + a piece of fruit
  2. PROTEIN CHIPS (yes they are a thing and they are amazing).
    1. These spicy ones from SimplyProtein are amazing.
    2. Quest Nutrition makes some too.
  3. PROTEIN POPCORN from SQUARE Organics (code ‘squats_and_samosas’ for a 15% discount)
  4. PROTEIN BARS – my favorites are
    1. SQUARE Crisp Bars (taste like a rice crispie and reese’s had a baby)
    2. SQUARE regular bars
    3. QUEST Hero bars (legit taste like candy bars)
  5. HALO TOP High Protein ICE CREAM (holy shit this stuff is amazing!)
  6. HARD BOILD EGGS eggs / egg whites
  7. EGG WHITE MUFFINS (see my recipe for these – they make a great snack)
  8. PROTEIN SMOOTHIES – Protein powder or Greek yogurt + fruit + ice blended up.
  9. OATMEAL w/ PROTEIN POWDER mixed in. I use Nuzest Clean Lean protein, which I love! I think it tastes like melted ice cream. Code DEE15 gets you 15% off.
  10. CHICKEN BREAST with a little rice or veggies (it’s pretty portable).

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