⚡️Body Image Tip⚡️ - Dee Gautham

TRUTH: You don’t have to always love your body’s appearance. Some days it’s just ok to be neutral about your body.

There’s this narrative on social media that you have to love the way your body looks all the time, otherwise you’re doing something wrong and aren’t “body positive.” This just puts more pressure on the way you look being the most important thing about you. Which it’s not.

When I’m feeling bloated, or when I’m on my period, I’m not super into my body’s appearance…

But I don’t need to hate it either. I’m just neutral about it.

It doesn’t interfere with my day. It is what it is. I get on with life.

SO. On the days you start tearing  your body apart → Shift into body neutrality.

You don’t have to love it but you don’t have to waste energy hating it either. Neutrality over hatred.

From this space of *neutrality* it’s also much easier to take action towards your goals because you don’t have all the drama and self hate in the way.

Positive body image doesn’t mean you think your body LOOKS good all the time, it’s about realizing your body IS good regardless of how it looks, because you are more than a body.

You feel me? Tell me below if this makes sense to you.💜👇🏽

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