Hello Giggle


I see you.

You’re an incredible, powerful, successful woman. You set crazy ambitious goals for yourself – and you actually achieve them. You ‘do it all’ and somehow make it look effortless.


Except… When it comes to your body and food.


Do any of these sound familiar?

>>  It feels like despite all your success, your body is the one area of your life you can’t seem to get under ‘control.’

>> You struggle with emotional eating, or post-work stress-eating.  (5pm ‘snackcidents’ of entire bags of chips used to be my personal favorite)

>> You are unable to fully enjoy social events, because you feel self-conscious of your appearance or are worried about food.

>> You’ve tried a few different diets, but nothing ever works long term — you got too hungry and ‘caved’ 

>> You struggle to stay motivated with a fitness routine that you actually see results from

> You catch yourself constantly comparing your body to other women’s, always falling short in some way.

>> If you do lose weight, it just creeps right back on. You struggle with yo-yo-ing, and can’t seem to keep the weight OFF. 


You feel frustrated. Stuck. Panicked. 

It’s OK.

You’re not alone in this, and there is nothing wrong with you.

What you’re struggling through is much more common than you think — It can be HARD to balance the stress of work, family, and your personal life. 

Extreme methods rarely leads to long-term success, but you know what does? Moderation, balanced nutrition, effective workouts, and a mindset of self-compassion and self-love. 


Imagine a world where: 

✔️ Your body feels lean, strong, and toned.

✔️ You wake up every morning and LOVE what you see in the mirror.  

✔️ You enjoy social events with your friends without stress, guilt, fear, or shame around food. 

✔️ You have serious self-confidence – and you’re able to THRIVE in your fullest potential in this world. 


Sound too good to be true?

It’s not, I promise.

I developed the Boss Body Method of coaching, to help you finally reach your fitness goals while feeling in control of your thoughts, maintain positive body image, and have a positive relationship with food, for good.



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“I am no longer afraid of food.” – Sharon 


“Her program has been the most helpful thing I have ever tried”  – Keerti


“I no longer feel trapped by all-or-nothing dieting mentalities” – Alethia


“This program was more than a diet or a workout, this was an entire rebranding.”

– Shama G



Before working with Diksha, I was in a bit of a rut in terms of progress toward my health and fitness goals. I didn’t know where to start or why I was so unmotivated. Diksha encouraged me to first change my thoughts before trying to change my actions.
– Ketki W. 


What shocked me the most was how I was still able to eat the things I enjoyed while actually feeling satiated and healthy.

– Aashni R


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